SCORE San Felipe Race Photos

Today marked SCORE’s annual trip down to San Felipe for what is many peoples favorite race of the year. I traveled down with RDC’s very own Curtis Guise and we came up with a game plan to try and catch the majority of the racers three times.

Our day started off with a 4:45am alarm clock so that we could get to our first photo spot before the bikes started. We headed up to race mile 18 which we scoped out the day before and had some good whoops in it that we thought would be good for the bikes. What we didn’t anticipate was that all the fast bikes would take their own line off course to bypass all the rough, so after running “50 feet” to their line we were off to a start of our day.

After the bikes we had some time to kill so we looked for another spot and was able to find a decent jump for the 4 wheel vehicles. We waited until the 16 cars came by then we made the long trek through town fighting will all the other traffic who were trying to get to the south part of the course.

We headed towards the turn off for Percebu which took you right to a nice 90 degree left hand turn at race mile 172. We knew we had to time it right to catch the lead pack again one last time, so we stayed there for exactly 50 minutes before we headed back to the pavement and headed north towards the airport. There it takes you to another access road that leads you right to race mile 245, which is where we ended our long day. It was another great time, and we had a lot of fun bringing you guys video and photos.

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  • March 19, 2011
wow, reaally niiiice pictures. wich camera did you guys use?? i have been wanting to buy one, but just don't know wich one to choose. i used to make videos of baja racing, but no more camera, no more team jaja. i really want to get back to the whole video and picture thing though. . .