Scott Bright Returns To BAJA RALLY -

Scott Bright Returns To BAJA RALLY

Scott Bright Baja Rally PR
Scott Bright Returns To BAJA RALLY
Will Vie for Mexican Championship En Route to First Dakar Rally
ENSENADA BAJA CA, announced today that 2014 BAJA RALLY Champion Scott Bright has entered the 2015 edition to defend his title and to prepare for the 2016 DAKAR RALLY. The 44 year old intends to also race Rally Playero’s Coast-to-Coast Rally November, thus qualifying him and his Rally Pan Am team for the Mexican Cross Country Championship.

“These events will help ensure I’m ready for Dakar”, Bright explained, “I’m ready to step up to this challenge again, even if it doesn’t translate into a win in 2015. Persevering through this will make me a stronger person.”

Scott Bright Baja Rally PR1
Bright, an expert racer and promoter himself, has packed his calendar with as many rallies as he can find to train for the Everest of racing next January. Among the others, the new Cortez Rally, Sardegna (Italy) and Dos Sertoes, the massively popular rally in Brazil this August. Despite his regimen, Bright expressed some ulterior motives for coming back to Baja CA.

“I can feel the momentum building within the Baja Rally. To be a part of it is an incredible draw. The magic of Baja is something you have to experience for yourself, it cannot be adequately explained.”

Bright continued, “There’s even more to this than defending the title and seeing Baja again, it has become a personal feat that motivates me and keeps me alive.”

Scott Bright Baja Rally PR2
Andy Grider, BAJA RALLY’s Director of Competition, was leading the rally against Bright last September when his motor failed on day 2 and noted Bright’s competitiveness.

“Scott and I exchanged the physical lead several times on day 2 and he kept me on my toes”, Grider recalls, “It’s great to see Scott’s name in the BAJA RALLY and that he’s focused on being the next American to finish the Dakar on a bike.”

Bright, along with Rally Pan Am and rising star Ian Blythe, spent most of 2014 training for this year’s DAKAR RALLY but had to withdrawal 6 weeks prior due to a funding shortfall. This has not deterred the team but only made them more determined to conquer the world’s most difficult motorsport event. Keep an eye on Scott Bright and the Rally Pan Am team as they spend the next 11 months prepping for Dakar 2016.

The BAJA RALLY was the first FIM-style rally raid for motorcycles in Baja CA. Modeled after the world famous Dakar Rally, BAJA RALLY is a cultural and scenic human adventure to test the mind, body and spirit. Sponsored and supported by Federal, State and Municipal governments, BAJA RALLY is the future of eco-adventure tourism in Baja CA. More info at

The Mexican Cross Country Championship is the first and only FIM-style rally-raid series in Mexico. In it’s maiden year, the MCCC combines total elapsed times from 2 rallies (BAJA RALL & Rally Playero Coast to Coast) to determine the overall Mexican Champion. More information about the MCCC HERE

Mexico City-based Rally Playero has been conducting rally-raids for 5 years with the support of major brands Red Bull and Monster. Over the years, Rally Playero’s team has refined and mastered the process of conducting safe and enjoyable rally competitions in Mainland Mexico. More info about Rally Playero at

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