Sebastien Loeb Wins X Games Gold in RallyCross –

Sebastien Loeb Wins X Games Gold in RallyCross

Sebastian Loeb proved to the world on Sunday he really is one of the best drivers in the world. He easily crushed the talented field of racers at X Games 2012 in Los Angeles. Starting on the pole, the eight-time World Rally Champion, took the lead into turn one as the rest of the field funneled through the first turn. Sverre Isachsen lost control of his vehicle after the jump and crashed into a wall. Unable to move the car, they were forced to restart since Isachsen was blocking the racing line.

On the restart, Loeb again took the lead into turn one, and from there put on a clinic on how to drive. He flawlessly navigated the race track and ran away from second place finisher Ken Block. Loeb’s Citroen was extremely fast, and never trailed in any of the heats leading up to the final. Of course, the race track did not offer much opportunity for passing. It was basically a one-line course, and whichever driver managed to get through turn one first wound up winning their race.

The final featured ten racers: Sebastian Loeb on the pole, Samuel Hubinette, David Binks and Sverre Isachsen in row one, Ken Block, David Higgins, Tanner Foust and Brian Deegan in row two, and Rhys Millen and Liam Doran in row three. Millen and Doran had to win last chance qualifiers to make it through to the final. After the restart, and Loeb running away with the race, the rest of the field battled for second place. Block managed to slide into second and held that position even with a punctured right rear tire. Brian Deegan utilized all of his experience racing short course off-road to fight his way through the field after a slow start and grabbed third place.

2012 X Games Rallycross Results

Gold – Sebastian Loeb
Silver – Ken Block
Bronze – Brian Deegan

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