SEMA 2017, The Highlights! -

SEMA 2017, The Highlights!

Here you have all together in one place for your scrolling pleasure, are the off-road trucks, insane builds, expensive dream cars and everything we could capture at SEMA show. Enjoy!

First let’s start with the best car we saw at the show, thanks to BFGoodrich who had it under their booth, the original Toyota Tundra Trophy-Truck of Ivan “Ironman” Stewart. The last time I personally saw it was 17 years ago at the Baja 2000, this machine looks like a Class 7 compared to the Trophy-Trucks racing today, but damn we love this thing.

We could wrap this gallery just showing this truck above and be happy about our coverage, but since we had a job to do let’s continue on our tour. The BFG Booth was inside the SCORE booth where all the Trophy-Trucks who qualified were required to be at the show, plus a few another interesting trucks.

We focused mainly on the Off-Road stuff, second floor of the south hall to be precise; where the new Chevy Colorado, Ford Raptors, Jeeps and UTV’s still are the trend in the off-road market.

You can’t ignore the Disco builds of course…

After seen the Off-Road hall, we had to check out the big guys products. Companies like Ford, Chevrolet and Honda brought some really cool machines featuring their new vehicles along with race cars, both new and historical including some Off-Road love, the only disappointment was Toyota who had only Camry’s at display.

Of course we can’t mention SEMA without the exotics.

This was just a glimpse of what SEMA offers to the world, a unique mix of beauty, engineering, history (and sometimes bad taste) all together in one place.


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