Sheldon Creed Claims 30th SST Victory at Detroit Grand Prix

Detroit, Michigan (June 3, 2017) – Coming off victory in the last SST event held in Perth, Australia 3 weeks ago; El Cajon, California driver Sheldon Creed continued right where he left off capturing his first ever victory ever at the ultra quick Belle Isle Street Circuit in comfortable fashion.

The 2015 & 2016 Stadium SUPER Trucks Champion would start the nine-lap event from the third position after encountering transmission issues during qualifying. Making the best out his worse qualifying effort in three years. The driver known as “The Show Stopper” jumped out to the lead before Turn-3, and literally became the showstopper putting his SafeCraft Safety Equipment truck on autopilot the rest of the event.

Being uncontested the entire event, Creed ran away from the field capturing the 30 victory of his SST career.

Fast Qualifier Gavin Harlien of Mesa, Arizona would start his first ever race on the Belle Isle Street Circuit in the last position. The driver whom has been on absolute fire in Stadium SUPER Trucks competition in 2017 placing on the podium in nearly every event. The driver of the Royal Purple Synthetic Oil truck would work his way to the front of the pack in no time challenging for a position in the top-five quickly. After contact between Team UFD Teammates Paul Morris and Arie Luyendyk Jr. that made both drivers and Matt Brabham loose momentum and re gain control of their skidding Toyo Tires.

Harlien would take advantage of the skirmish in front of him to sneak by the three drivers and jolt into second place. Withstanding a hard charging Matt Brabham of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia the remaining laps Harlien would finish in the second position. Brabham driving the DeVILBISS/ Hawk Performance entry would follow Harlein to the line to claim the third position.

Current SST World Championship point’s leader Paul Morris of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia would start from the fifth position and quickly jump to the second spot following early leader Creed. After making contact with Team UFD teammate Arie Luyendyk of Scottsdale, Arizona Morris would loose considerable ground to the lead pack. The veteran driver looking to gain as many points as possible in the championship hunt would finish in the fourth position.

Detroit native of Aaron Bambach making his 2017 SST debut driving the A3 Strategic Staffing Solutions truck would continue to keep his truck clean the entire race from his sixth starting position to bring home a fifth place finish. The conservative racing Bambach proves each time out in an SST truck that contact in SST racing is not the only way to make a clean pass.

Jeff Hoffman of Phoenix, Arizona would once again show strong signs of competing for a podium early in the event keeping up with the quick pace of Harlien and Brabham moving forward from his eighth starting spot. Hoffman would keep his truck clean going on to finish his first race at Belle Isle in the sixth position.

Davey Hamilton Jr. of Indianapolis, Indiana substituting driving for Robby Gordon whom is in Mexico competing in the Baja 500 would start on the pole position after flipping his truck in qualifying on Friday afternoon. Keeping his Kevin Howell Construction/ Toyo Tires truck clean and falling into line, and not making any risky moves the son of former Indy Car racer Davey Hamilton would finish in the seventh position.

Always Evolving/ Replay XD driver Erik Davis of Burbank, California making his first start at the tricky Belle Isle Street Circuit would struggle finding his marks in the No. 75 truck. Driving a conservative and clean race Davis would cross the finish line in the eighth place.

United Fiber and Data/ LIVE driver Bill Hynes of Nazareth, Penn., would go on to finish the nine-lap event in the ninth position ahead of teammate Arie Luyendyk Jr. who would battle hard with the other Team UFD member Paul Morris early in the event. After several corners of bumping and banging the Lear Corporation back truck of Luyendyk would encounter an oil leak, and spin him himself into the tire barrier ending any chances at a good finish.

First time SST starter Atila Abreu of San Paulo, Brazil driving the Shell V-Power/ Monster Energy truck would start from the eighth position after qualifying very well. However the experienced road racer would encounter trouble after the first competition caution, hitting the second ramp in front of the main grandstand not completely square launching the No. 51 catapulting side ways ultimately landing on its side and rolling back onto its wheels. Abreu would drive back to the paddock area under his own power, but would retire from the race and be recorded in the eleventh position.

SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks Race 2 will be contested Sunday afternoon at 2:00 P.M. local time.

Fans can tune into the race by visiting or by viewing the Stadium SUPER Trucks Facebook Live at

SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks 
Belle Isle Street Circuit 
Round No. 11 Results 
June 3, 2017 
Detroit, Michigan 

1. Sheldon Creed; El Cajon, Calif.; Safecraft Safety Equipment

2. Gavin Harlien; Mesa, Arizona; Royal Purple Synthetic Oil

3. Matt Brabham; Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.; DeVILBISS/ Hawk Performance/ Head Strong/ KMC Wheels

4. Paul Morris; Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.; LIVE/ United Fiber and Data

5. Aaron Bambach; Rochester Hills, Michigan; S3 Strategic Staffing Solutions

6. Jeff Hoffman; Phoenix, Arizona; TruFuel 50:1

7. Davey Hamilton Jr.; Indianapolis, Indiana; SPEED Energy/ Toyo Tires/ KMC Wheels/ Menards

8. Erik Davis; Burbank, California; Always Evolving/ AerNow/ ReplayXD

9. Bill Hynes; Nazareth, Penn.; United Fiber & Data/ LIVE

10. Arie Luyendyk Jr.; Scottsdale, Arizona; Lear Corporation/ Detroit 119/ United Fiber and Data

11. Atila Abreu; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Shell V-Power/ Monster Energy/

2017 SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks World Championship Winners 
Round No.   Race Location                   Race Date              Winner 

1                  Adelaide, SA, Australia      March 3, 2017          Craig Dontas

2                  Adelaide, SA, Australia      March 4, 2017          Sheldon Creed

3                  Adelaide, SA, Australia      March, 5, 2017          Paul Morris

4                  St. Petersburg, Florida      March 11, 2017          Robby Gordon

5                  St. Petersburg, Florida      March 12, 2017          Matt Brabham

6                  Long Beach, California      April 8, 2017              Matt Brabham

7                 Long Beach, California       April 9, 2017              Robby Gordon

8                  Perth, WA, Australia         May 6, 2017               Sheldon Creed

9                  Perth, WA, Australia         May 7, 2017               Robby Gordon

10                Perth, WA, Australia         May 8, 2017               Sheldon Creed

11                Detroit, Michigan              June 3, 2017              Sheldon Creed

2017 Stadium SUPER Trucks World Championship Schedule 
Round 1: March 3, 2017; Adelaide, South Australia, Australia 
Round 2: March 4, 2017; Adelaide, South Australia, Australia 
Round 3: March 5, 2017; Adelaide, South Australia, Australia 
Round 4: March 11, 2017; St. Petersburg, Florida 
Round 5: March 12, 2017; St. Petersburg, Florida 
Round 6: April 8, 2017; Long Beach, California 
Round 7: April 9, 2017; Long Beach, California 
Round 8: May 5, 2017; Perth, Western Australia, Australia 
Round 9: May 6, 2017; Perth, Western Australia, Australia 
Round 10: May 7, 2017; Perth, Western Australia, Australia 
Round 11: June 3, 2017; Detroit, Michigan 
Round 12: June 4, 2017; Detroit, Michigan 
Round 13: June 10, 2017; Fort Worth, Texas 
Round 14: June 10, 2017; Fort Worth, Texas 
Round 15: June 16, 2017; Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia 
Round 16: June 17, 2017; Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia 
Round 17: June 18, 2017; Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia 
Round 18: July 1, 2017; China 
Round 19 July 2, 2017; China 
Round 20: July 15, 2017; Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
Round 21: July 16, 2017; Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
Round 22: TBA China 
Round 23: TBA China 
Round 24: TBA China 
Round 25: October 6, 2017; FB Life Festival China 
Round 26: October 7, 2017; FB Life Festival China 
Round 27: October 8, 2017; FB Life Festival China 
About SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks  

Influenced by the former Mickey Thompson Stadium Off-Road Racing Series, where drivers such as Gordon, Casey Mears and seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson got their start, Gordon created SST in response to the public’s overwhelming interest in trucks and off-road racing. His plan to re-launch the former stadium series has led to exciting racing on both asphalt and dirt, while producing one of the most extreme forms of action sports today.

Other than the trucks launching 20 feet in the air covering distances more than 150 feet, what sets the SST program apart from other series is the fact that all the SST trucks are identically prepared and delivered to drivers in race-ready condition. Race winners are decided by driver skill rather than individual team engineering and budgets. Drivers and their personal mechanics are assigned specific SST mechanics who together tune and make minor adjustments to the 600-horsepower trucks.