Sheldon Creed Disqualified From the Dakar Rally -

Sheldon Creed Disqualified From the Dakar Rally

Sheldon Creed ran into clutch issues on Stage 8 after getting stuck and because he was running out of time, made the decision to skip some waypoints and head to the finish to prepare for the next day’s Stage 9. Creed knew he would get a penalty but did not know after missing so many, he would be disqualified altogether from the rally.

The decision to take an 18 year old with no rally experience was one that Robby Gordon stood behind 100%. Sheldon, coming off his SST Championship, is a very talented driver and Robby knew he was up to the task of taking on one of the hardest races in the world. Sheldon answered his critics and doubters by keeping the Gordini in one piece leading up to the half way point of the Dakar Rally, the point where Sheldon was going to be allowed to open it up and see what he could do behind the wheel. Unfortunately, with the issues he had, that was not able to happen.

Sheldon has turned some heads in Dakar and has gained his own fan base from his fellow racers, mechanics and spectators, who have shown nothing but respect since day one for him. Sheldon, in turn, put 100% into his effort. We look forward to hearing from Sheldon on his experience and hope he goes back next year so we can see what he can do.

Q&A from the start of the rally HERE.



    1. other countries? more like if you are anyone else but French you’re going to have a tough time. However, shouldn’t have skipped waypoints, they are put in place for a reason, and Dakar is known to be the toughest in the world for many others.

  1. If you miss waypoints it gives the Dakar administration a nightmare as this is what they use to search for you incase you go missing due to an accident.
    More waypoints you miss – the bigger the search area – and this can take up all the rescue helicopters and therefore delay the whole rally.
    Therefore they want competitors to hit waypoints – as this is like telling your mum “am ok” !
    The cars are fitted with beacons which send out a identification signal but they do malfunction on the rough terrain.
    So it’s a general rule to have good navigation and don’t miss waypoints – whatever country you come from.

  2. he showed his potential- had some horrible things to handle- bet he learned a lot- still think he has a future…! ;-))

  3. It’s in the rulebook that is you miss two waypoints consecutively, you are disqualified. It’s the same for everyone.

  4. you would think when a team is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for you to race in premier series you would know the rules before getting behind the wheel how embarrassing to get disqualified for not knowing the rules

  5. I was predicting a top 10 finish for him, .. but if you skip a load of waypoints to get to the biv, what can you expect but disqualification ? .. Wish him all the best next year.

  6. It’s done for safety of the competitiors, that’s why they don’t take it lightly. I’m sure Robby’s pissed, but what can he do now. Creed is pretty much doing this for free.

  7. It seems like there isn’t any rule book, that they make it up as they go along. It’s supposed to be a desert race across the Sahara, but perpetual turmoil in the Middle East & Northern Africa forced them to move. It’s a completely different style of racing in the Andes Mtns & high altitude desert plateaus.

  8. I agree that rules are rules, but if you think that they are the same for everyone you are crazy! There are a lot of examples, but the first one that comes to mind is when Cyril Despres got stuck in the mud. You know that they would not have given time back to 7 middle of the pack riders, they would have just been told “that’s what Dakar is the toughest race on earth”. But that race was all about the ongoing battle between Marc Coma and Cyril Despres.

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