Short Course Continues To Grow At ERX Motor Park

For Short Course to succeed in the long term you need companies, families and fans to all share a passion in the sport, but you also need time and patience. At the ERX Motor Park in Elk River Minnesota you have the Carlson family who are very committed to putting up a world class facility for the sport to grow and be around for the long term.


The Carlson family has done an amazing job at their facility and put in a ton of hard work and their own money to get it to where it is. The best compliment we can give ERX is that the track is like an updated Crandon. Lots of beautiful green trees surrounding the area, a fast open track, big grass seating area and a beautiful hospitality building with a full bar, kitchen and cabin feel to it.

What started out as 15 acres that hosted a sno-cross track has grown into 400 acres of land with a beautiful short course track, tons of camping and pit space, and a staff that treats you like family.

The sport of Short Course will continue to grow with families like the Carlsons so at the next race be sure to tell them thanks.

A few notes about Rounds 3 & 4 of the Midwest Short Course Racing League out at ERX:

  • Thursdays practice day was challenging with weather with it getting cut short due to rain and lighting strikes within a mile of the track.
  • Johnny Greaves looked unstoppable all weekend in Pro 4 winning both days. Seems like he picked up an extra gear.
  • Polaris held a celebrity race with their RZR RS1 side by sides. Diesel Dave, The Machine and Hans Peterson of the Deisel Brothers raced along with Shelby Anderson, Levi Lavelle and Al MacBeath driving as well. Lavelle would go on to take the win.
  • The long term goal for Lucas Oil is to have a unified national series, we’re looking forward to that and how the drivers from each side of the country will stack up with each other.
  • ERX said that there were more spectators watching the race on Saturday compared to last year which is a good sign.
  • The MORR Sportsman Divisions are all very strong with the Lite Buggy class with well over 30 entries.
  • UTV’s in their three classes (Sportsman UTV, Pro Modified, Pro Stock) fielded the most cars with close to 70 UTV’s.
  • The Lucas Oil officials are earning the respect of the midwest drivers, running a tight ship on and off the track and slowly getting rid of the west versus midwest mentality.
  • Most of the drivers on the podium said that the ERX track is their favorite they race on.
  • ERX is the only short course track that has a split lane, we’d like to see more of that like how they did out in Chandler in years past.

We had a great time out at ERX Motor Park this weekend and can’t wait to go back next year, here is a photo gallery from both days from some of our favorite photos. Enjoy!

Do you think he saved it?

How many Pro Stock UTV’s can you count? Probably safe to say UTV’s aren’t going anywhere.

Andrew Carlson is new to the Pro 4 class but each race he’s learning more and getting faster and more confident.

Mikey Vanden Heuvel flies in front of the crowd on Friday where he took the win in Pro 2.

Sportsman racing, the backbone of Midwest short course is as strong as ever.

Mike Meister is one of the top drivers in the Super Buggy class always on the edge.

The Kleiman brothers are always battling for the lead in Prolite and they don’t hold anything back against each other.

The ERX track features a lot of cool features including a few bigs jump on the track.

We can’t get enough of that midwest beauty out there.

Photos by HighRev Photography
Instagram // @HighRevPhoto