Silver State 300 takes title hunt from the desert to the mountains -

Silver State 300 takes title hunt from the desert to the mountains

RIVERSIDE, California (April 30, 2014) – The first two events in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series have been good ones for the MAVTV/Toyo Tires/SolarWorld Stronghold Motorsports team. Now it’s time for something completely different.

This weekend drivers Brandon Bailey, Larry Job and Scott Bailey will be in southern Nevada to continue their pursuit of a championship in the Best in the Desert Series.

The Silver State 300 on Saturday, May 3, is the third of six races on the BITD schedule and the Stronghold team will go into it in second place in Class 1500, for Unlimited Open Wheel cars, after finishing second in the Parker (Arizona) 425 and fifth in the Mint 400. The team trails Colorado driver Corey Keysar by 10 points.

The race is one of the most unique in desert racing thanks to a race course that covers 297 miles of roads and trails in the Highland Mountains range and passes through historic towns like Alamo, Caliente and Pioche before finishing in Delamar, a ghost town that once was home to The Widowmaker gold mine.

Job had an opportunity to pre-run the course 10 days ago and said that in some ways the race will be like a Sunday drive in the country because of a tight course through mountain forests and sand washes.

“It’s going to be follow the leader because of the dust,” Job said. “You’re just going to have to follow everybody and wait until somebody gets a flat and take advantage of that situation.

“It’s only 12 feet wide with the trees, so if you try too hard you’re going to end up in a tree. And if you try to go too hard in a sand wash you’re going to end up with a flat from a rock. So you’re better off just keeping it on the road.”

The race activity will begin with qualifying Thursday, with Brandon Bailey scheduled to handle that duty for the team. The team will go through technical inspection on Friday, then move its motorhomes to Alamo for a team barbecue that night.

The race will start at Alamo Valley Saturday morning. Brandon Bailey will take the green flag and drive the first half, then turn the car over to dad, Scott Bailey. Job will be the co-driver for both men.

“Everything is good with the car and we’re ready to go,” team manager Matt Salgado said.

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