2016 SNORE Battle at Primm Wrap Up

2016 SNORE BAP DAY 2_835
The two day SNORE Battle at Primm season opener is the perfect way to start the SNORE season. The short distance course makes for great spectating and close battles, unfortunately for the racers the battles mean a lot of carnage, by the end of each heat cars and parts littered the course. SNORE has a great group of volunteers that had the course ready to go before the start of the next heat and kept all the media safe at the road crossings.

2016 SNORE BAP DAY 2_802
The shorter course over two days seems to be gaining more popularity with the crowds and the racers. Racers that had a bad day or something go wrong on day one can regroup and get back out for a second day of racing and not be a total loss of a weekend. Saturday night we saw motors/transmissions being pulled and worked on and front ends completely torn apart getting new heims and uniballs. The only drawback for the racers is the abuse the vehicles take, its all out racing for 100 miles on a course that starts out “smooth” in the morning but gets rougher throughout the day. We were told many years ago from a big TT team that prep after the Laughlin Desert Challenge was the same prep as after a Baja 1000 with how hard they are pushing the vehicles. It is apparent that this still would hold true after watching the condition of the vehicles after each heat this weekend in Primm, a lot of bent roofs, a lot of white smoke coming out of engine bays and bent rims.

2016 SNORE BAP DAY 2_848
The highlight of the weekend for the spectators is the dyke jump, it did not disappoint this year, two big wrecks on Sunday and one on Saturday, everyone was able to walk away which is always a good thing. The highlights for us were the class 10 battle between Davis, Messer and Cj Greaves, they stayed real close. The Class One battle with Mattox and Johnny Greaves on Sunday was good and the battle in 1450 once again was a great show, Kevin Thompson needs to ditch his Class One for a Trick Truck, he is fun to watch in a truck(Barry Beacham make that happen).

2016 SNORE BAP DAY 2039

Thank you to SNORE and all the racers for a great weekend. Next race is the Motion Tire 300 April 1-2, 2016 in Ridgecrest CA.

We will update the story with results as soon as we receive them.