Please Join Us in Our BLM Battle…

SNORE needs everyone’s help. We are in a critical battle with the BLM at this time; our Midnight race permit request has been denied. We are fighting this denial and are asking everyone to please send e-mail letters to: [email protected]

Please state how this will affect your business if this race permit, and permits for future races are denied. Also, how it will affect your family, the families of people that work for you and the community that you live in. Also, what negative economic impact will loss of racing cause. We need 7000 letters in about 80 hours so they can be included with our appeal.

Please act on this critical, time-sensitive request IMMEDIATELY… Thank you!


Isn't the dezert public land used by all. How can the BLM take that away if we pay for it?
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    justin anderson
  • May 24, 2011
hi my name is justin anderson. I live in so cal. and have been going to the desert for recreation all my life. I have been following closely the militaries effort to close johnson valley ohv area.
Im trying to lift my voice all that i can to help keep the deserts open including the desert where the primm midnight race will be held in nevada. I have attended snores events before and they are very well organized and bring in alot of money for the surrounding area. I encourage everyone to do their part and speak up to protect these races and the deserts that they are in.
  • H
  • May 24, 2011
if you want to race you better get involved, either write a letter or run for office!
The loss of this race will effect all the people who work on our car for prep and parts. Also the hotels and casinos in the Primm Valley will lose an enormious amout of revenune. along with the state and Federal tax loss due to loss of Taxes generated during the race. I hope the BLM will rethink there punitive action against the SNORE racing organization. Why must they always have to fight. The permit fee loss and other revenue losses by the BLM alone should be a good enough reason for them to issue the permit. Instead of not issuing the permit how about explaining the problem and fixing the issue. Be reasonable.
Thanks for the consideration.
  • E
  • May 24, 2011
dont shut the night race down ---i was on the team in lucearn so dont shut downn off road racing
Time for everybody to help out on this one!
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  • May 25, 2011
Why does BLM think they own OUR land? They were put in place to protect and care for it by US! We ran into the same thing with our Snowflake AZ race. After 40 years they cancelled our race because of archeological impact. What a bunch of crap! Anyway, everyone needs to call/write their leaders and let them know this is BS. Don't count on someone else to call, do it yourselves.
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    Daryl Houser
  • May 25, 2011
Im a fellow off road enthusiest I like to go off roading frequently. Latly I have been run off by rangers/police it really sucks I have too travel 40 miles just to ride my dirtbike when I live 2 min away from an open desert. I feel my tax dollars should be used on things shuch as cime and drugs instead of a guy trying to have clean fun

thank you
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    Don "4x4nutz" Kidd
  • May 25, 2011
Thank God we do not have the BLM here in Texas! At any rate, we have sent off letters and Emails requesting the BLM re-evaluate the SNORE request to have the Primm Midnight Special. Please send your support letters to: [email protected]
  • N
  • May 25, 2011
sent my letter
  • W
    Wally Meier
  • May 25, 2011
sent my letter, FYI there is also a post on the home page at Planet Robby asking members to write ASAP.Spread the word people!
Just another reason to get fired up. The BLM isnt representing the people that their salaries. They have been infiltrated by a bunch of Environmentalist that dont pay taxes and will never use, visit, appreciate the land in any way. We need to go after the BLM from the top down. They have us chasing our tails with Permits and ****.... lets go after them where it counts.
  • C
  • May 26, 2011
Email sent.

Like was said above, the BLM and similar agencies have becomed staffed with people who are fanatical in thier beliefs and have decided this land is more theirs than ours. They fail to see "ours" requires shared usage and, in some cases, usage some of them may not like. When you have agencies whose sole purpose is regualtion, believe me they are going to do just that. They need to justify their existence and show how vital they are even if they are drawing their swords against and charging only imagined enemies.
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    dennis kasinak
  • May 26, 2011
this is more bs from the blm
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    Avid Off-Road Racer
  • May 27, 2011
As an avid off-road racer and desert enthusiast, I am truly concerned about the BLM’s decision to withhold the permit for the Midnight Special. However, my concern is not primarily with the BLM but rather in the problems that SNORE (a volunteer organization with limited discretionary funds) faces in successfully managing large, complex off-road racing events.

There are a number of land-use rules and safety requirements that must be adhered to protect participants and the environment but regardless of how well SNORE conveys expectations about the event, they really have very little control over the conduct of the participants, the volunteers, and certainly the spectators. A great example of this occurred in the 2011 Mint 400. SNORE provided explicit guidelines (both in printed form and verbally at the Driver’s Meeting) to racers, support personnel, and course-workers, yet there were numerous violations – many of which were beyond SNORE’s control. It’s obvious that we, the racing community, share part of the blame and if we expect to keep racing in public areas, we need to execute these events with more regard for the rules/guidelines/expectations that protect our deserts and keep people safe.

SNORE has asked that we all write letters to the BLM regarding the impact of not having the Midnight Special and I have complied with that request. At the same time, I believe it is incumbent upon all of us who cherish off-road racing to help ensure the long-term success of the sport by providing SNORE (and the BLM) some ideas about what can be done to avoid repeating the unwanted activities that occurred during the Mint 400. I’m confident the off-road community possesses the innovation and resources to help SNORE and the BLM work through the current issues…but I’m less optimistic that we, as a group, are committed to conducting ourselves in a manner that will prevent similar situations in the future.
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  • May 27, 2011
To whom it may concern:

I am writing not only on the behalf of the SNORE off-road night race in Primm, NV, but on behalf of all off-road racing in and around Las Vegas. By denying off-road racing on public land will have a huge economic impact on not only the race teams that would attend and cannot fulfill their sponsor contracts, but the economic impact will be felt by so much of southern Nevada, from hotels, restaurants, gamming and taxes to name a few. Off-Road racing brings in millions of dollars a year to southern Nevada and hundreds of thousands of dollars to BLM in land management fees. In these economic times not allowing off-road racing in southern Nevada can cost job. The races are on public land and off-road racing are the only ones that pay to use that land, and would be more than happy to help BLM to maintain it. With all the cutbacks that our government want to make can the BLM afford not to have off-road racing in southern Nevada? Because I know southern Nevada can’t afford not to have off-road racing! Please allow off-road racing to stay in Nevada and allow SNORE’s night race to happen.
  • K
  • May 28, 2011
Federal and state lands should be left open for controlled public use, period. Private interests, future development, and the impact of 3rd parties should not be an issue when considering whether to let the public use public lands. Of course we should. That's why they are called "public lands."
The solution to the BLM denials.

Kenny Flippin, needs to contact Rep: Joe Heck and Senator Dean Heller and make it perfectly clear, that from this day forward, every penny generated by racing will be racing will go into a political pack that will support their primary opponent in the next election if they do not act immediately and forcefully to get the BLM to back off. BLM at higher levels has people who do and have wanted to do away with desert racing for 20 plus years and they are now making their move. It is important that we fight back now!

I would encourage every racer to take their winnings and donate as much as possible back to a SNORE PAC (political action commite) and then SNORE needs to hire a lobbyist to go to the two Republicans and lay it on the line, stop this harassment by the BLM or be primaried out !

Then if they do not respond we need to get some one like Kenny to run for the Rep Heck seat and get some one like Troy Herbst to Run for Heller seat and lets take back the Desert from these control freaks