SNORE SoCal 250 –

SNORE SoCal 250

The SNORE DeThrone SoCal 250 comes to a close and has officially been declared a success. Riot racing took its very first overall win and Kyle Conlon keeps his winning streak alive with yet another first place finish in class 1.

For over three generations, off-road racing has lived and thrived in the Plaster City/ Superstition area and SNORE helped keep the dream alive by bringing the largest car counts the area has seen since the glory days of FUD.

Thank you SNORE for bringing off-road racing back to Southern California!


Top winners include:

Mark Ewing/Josh Daniels – 1st UT and 1st O/A

Kyle Conlon – 1st Class 1

Paul Keller – Class 12

Kevin Ellis – Class 10

Blaine Conrad – 1600

Jerry Larimore – 1450

Russ Ramsey – Class 7

Kyle Milligan – 7s

Steve Hall – Class 5

Mike Boone – 5/1600

Jack Moreno – 3000

Daniel Maurer – Class 18

Bradlee Looney – Class 9

Arturo Benavides – VORE


  1. What, no love for the Class 11 guy’s. Maybe I was at a different race. JK. Thank you Snore and all the volunteers GREAT JOB !!

  2. there was a camera crew out at contingency doing interviews, does anybody know what site they will post those interviews?

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