SNORE Takes Off-Road Racing to Cedar City Utah -

SNORE Takes Off-Road Racing to Cedar City Utah

Nevada and California are familiar with off-road racing and the mass amounts of races that take place throughout a season, but Utah doesn’t seem to get their fair share, until now. SNORE made a change in their 2014 season schedule and added a course outside of Cedar City, Utah into its roster. Rock formations that stretched out of the ground, deep deadly silt beds and course lines that hugged the tree lines made up parts of the Grand Prix style course.

SNORE Cedar City Grand Prix
Many racers were anxious to see what the course had to offer and who would show up to take the challenge. 80 plus entries were split into two race events. Smaller classes would take to the 37-mile course at sun up and run 3 laps while the bigger classes would run 6 laps in the afternoon.

SNORE Cedar City Grand Prix
It was not long before race vehicles were stuck in the silt and with no way out, it would end their day as quick as it started. Flores would take the early lead but would be one who wouldn’t make it through lap 1 and passed the lead off to Mitchell. With the tight single track in the course it would make passing difficult and cause the race Unlimited Classes times to be neck and neck. The #29 Unlimited Truck of Kevin Lyons stayed patient and let the race come to him allowing him to claim the win.

SNORE Cedar City Grand Prix
With vehicles going head on with trees and even running up trees vertically was were it set apart the skillful driving and determination that would take drivers to the finish line and let them sigh a breath of relief as they conquered the first SNORE Cedar City Grand Prix. Some winners include Jessica Freeman in her Class 12 and Clint Braun in Class 9

SNORE Cedar City Grand Prix
SNORE series will take a break for the summer months and we can see the racers return for the SNORE/MORE night race that will take place in Johnson Valley, CA. September 21st. This race brings out many spectators and race entries to the OHV area.

For final results and points updates, visit Snore-Racing.


  1. That’s cool to see another state getting in on the action! I am a huge fan of off road racing. I used to live in AZ, now I am currently living in ID because of my career. Utah is just a hop skip and a jump from here to go racing.

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