ERENDIRA, BAJA CA, MEXICO- BAJA RALLY organizers announced today that SPOT Satellite Messenger has teamed up with the inaugural BAJA RALLY this October to add an important layer of safety to both participants and rally officials alike. The highly anticipated first ever BAJA RALLY sold out in 36 hours this week.

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All participants in the BAJA RALLY will be required to carry a functioning SPOT tracker device during each stage of the rally and will need to verify functionality as a requirement for passing tech inspection on Friday October 4th in Ensenada. SPOT, as supporting sponsor of the BAJA RALLY, will give participants a generous discount on new SPOT purchases as well as a discounted rate on the first year of service for new customers.

“Making SPOT trackers a requirement is a 3-way win and it adds an invaluable element of safety for everyone involved”, explained rally director Scotty Breauxman, “SPOT has been an essential part of adventure motorcycle riding since it hit the market in 2005 and we trust the product and the service SPOT provides.”

Breauxman added “This is the most effective and economical way for our officials to monitor the locations of all participants and mobile-unit personnel for the purpose of safety as well as allowing participants to send a “HELP” message to our mobile command center located at the end of each stage, just in case they break down or get off course.”

The SPOT Satellite Messenger also features an “SOS” function that is used for extreme instances, whereby a distress signal is beamed to the GEOS dispatch center in Houston, Texas.

Prior to the technical inspection on Friday October 4th, participants will need to configure their SPOT settings to include 2 BAJA RALLY mobile phone numbers and 2 BAJA RALLY email addresses. As the final condition of clearing technical inspection, a rally official must receive the “OK” signal from the participant.

“Many of our participants already utilize this proven technology”, Breauxman continued, “But mandating new users and teaching them the setup and functional use of SPOT is a great thing for the sport of rally-moto as it grows in BAJA CA.”

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