Stadium Super Trucks to race Road America August 23-25, 2018

ELKHART LAKE, Wis., (October 17, 2017) – Road America announced today the addition of the SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks (SST) to the racing lineup for the NASCAR XFINITY weekend of August 23-25.

Led by the NASCAR XFINITY Series, the weekend also features SCCA Pro Trans Am providing non-stop, on-track action from three separate series’ throughout the weekend.

The Stadium SUPER Trucks will take to the track many times throughout the weekend, holding practice and qualifying on Friday prior to the first SST race. The second SST race will take place in advance of the NASCAR XFINITY Series race on Saturday.

“We always enjoy adding more for our fans to experience and the Stadium SUPER Truck Series is the perfect combination for our fans and our facility,” said Road America President and General Manager George Bruggenthies. “Wisconsin is truck country and this is going to be a new and incredible experience for our fans. We encourage everyone to stake out a good viewing spot because it’s going to be wild watching these racers race, jump and fly through the air around our legendary racecourse.”

The widely popular Stadium SUPER Truck Series features identically prepared 650-horsepower trucks that are built to take flight. Being able to race on virtually any surface thrown at them, the Stadium SUPER Trucks will race the front half of Road America, crossing between turns 5 and 13 as compared to the entire 4-mile circuit utilized by NASCAR XFINITY Series and the SCCA Pro Trans Am Series.

The Stadium SUPER Truck races will feature four 36-inch tall aluminum ramps placed in strategic locations on the racecourse, allowing the trucks to fly 20 feet off the ground and hundreds of feet down the racecourse.

“For Stadium SUPER Trucks to visit Wisconsin and America’s National Park of Speed, I cannot be more excited,” Stadium SUPER Trucks President Robby Gordon said. “Along with other racers, I’ve been fond of Road America for many years. To bring the door-to-door action and the big air of Stadium SUPER Trucks to Road America for the first time, the fans are going to be ecstatic for Stadium SUPER Truck racing.”

The NASCAR XFINITY Series rolls into Road America August 23-25, bringing intense door-to-door stock car, sports car and now truck racing action to the nation’s most intimidating road course. The NASCAR XFINITY Series schedule and the event could prove to be a pivotal race for drivers looking to improve their standing in the championship points. The event weekend will feature practice, qualifying and racing from the SCCA Pro Trans Am and the SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks.

Advance pricing for Road America season passes is available from October through December and 2018 event tickets and camping are now available. To purchase season passes, tickets or learn more about upcoming events at Road America, please visit Road America online at or call 800-365-RACE (7223).

The newly announced last SST event of 2017, the first annual SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks World Championship Finals are to take place December 15th & 16th at Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium in beautiful Lake Elsinore, California. 

Featuring a full field of Stadium SUPER Trucks, Production 1000 UTV’s, Modified Trophy Karts, and 170 UTV’s. 
Reserved tickets are on sale NOW at and or the Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium Box Office.

Suites to enjoy the race in luxury are also available, along with vendor locations for the Off-Road Vender Village. Please email [email protected] for additional information and pricing.

2017 SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks World Championship Winners 
Round No.   Race Location                   Race Date              Winner 

1                  Adelaide, SA, Australia      March 3, 2017          Craig Dontas

2                  Adelaide, SA, Australia      March 4, 2017          Sheldon Creed

3                  Adelaide, SA, Australia      March, 5, 2017          Paul Morris

4                  St. Petersburg, Florida      March 11, 2017          Robby Gordon

5                  St. Petersburg, Florida      March 12, 2017          Matt Brabham

6                  Long Beach, California      April 8, 2017              Matt Brabham

7                 Long Beach, California       April 9, 2017              Robby Gordon

8                  Perth, WA, Australia         May 6, 2017               Sheldon Creed

9                  Perth, WA, Australia         May 7, 2017               Robby Gordon

10                Perth, WA, Australia         May 8, 2017               Sheldon Creed

11                Detroit, Michigan              June 3, 2017              Sheldon Creed

12                Detroit, Michigan              June 4, 2017              Sheldon Creed
13                No Limits, Texas              June 10, 2017             P.J. Jones
14               No Limits, Texas               June 10, 2017            Sheldon Creed 
15               Darwin, NT, Australia        June 16, 2017             Paul Morris
16               Darwin, NT, Australia        June 17, 2017             Matt Brabham
17               Darwin, NT, Australia        June 18, 2017             Paul Morris 
18               Beijing, China                   July, 29, 2017             Matt Brabham
19               Watkins Glen, New York    September 2, 2017      Robby Gordon
20               Watkins Glen, New York    September 3, 2017      Matt Brabham 
21               Lake Elsinore, California    December 15, 2017

2017 Stadium SUPER Trucks World Championship Schedule 
Round 1: March 3, 2017; Adelaide, South Australia, Australia 
Round 2: March 4, 2017; Adelaide, South Australia, Australia 
Round 3: March 5, 2017; Adelaide, South Australia, Australia 
Round 4: March 11, 2017; St. Petersburg, Florida 
Round 5: March 12, 2017; St. Petersburg, Florida 
Round 6: April 8, 2017; Long Beach, California 
Round 7: April 9, 2017; Long Beach, California 
Round 8: May 5, 2017; Perth, Western Australia, Australia 
Round 9: May 6, 2017; Perth, Western Australia, Australia 
Round 10: May 7, 2017; Perth, Western Australia, Australia 
Round 11: June 3, 2017; Detroit, Michigan 
Round 12: June 4, 2017; Detroit, Michigan 
Round 13: June 10, 2017; No Limits, Texas 
Round 14: June 10, 2017; No Limits, Texas 
Round 15: June 16, 2017; Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia 
Round 16: June 17, 2017; Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia 
Round 17: June 18, 2017; Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia 
Round 18: July 29, 2017; Beijing, China 
Round 19 September 2, 2017; Watkins Glen, New York
Round 20: September 3, 2017; Watkins Glen, New York 
Round 21: December 15, 2017; Lake Elsinore, California 
Round 22: December 16, 2017; Lake Elsinore, California 
About SPEED Energy Stadium SUPER Trucks  

Influenced by the former Mickey Thompson Stadium Off-Road Racing Series, where drivers such as Gordon, Casey Mears and seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson got their start, Gordon created SST in response to the public’s overwhelming interest in trucks and off-road racing. His plan to re-launch the former stadium series has led to exciting racing on both asphalt and dirt, while producing one of the most extreme forms of action sports today.

Other than the trucks launching 20 feet in the air covering distances more than 150 feet, what sets the SST program apart from other series is the fact that all the SST trucks are identically prepared and delivered to drivers in race-ready condition. Race winners are decided by driver skill rather than individual team engineering and budgets. Drivers and their personal mechanics are assigned specific SST mechanics who together tune and make minor adjustments to the 600-horsepower trucks.