Stage 9: Antofagasta – Iquique –

Stage 9: Antofagasta – Iquique

Stage 9: Antofagasta – Iquique

Watch Out, Thrills Guaranteed! 

A two-part stage will keep the competitors busy who continue the climb to the north of the continent, between oceans and mountains. Two sections separated by a neutralization are on the agenda with varied features and landscapes. At the beginning of the day, the competitors will pass through canyons, drive on clean tracks and sink in the fesh fesh! The second special stage will call upon the drivers’ and co-drivers’ navigational talents, who will have to make a decision based on the very limited landmarks, while remaining focused on the WPM. To reward them for this intensive endeavour, they will drive down the steep descent to Iquique, already featured on the 2010 Dakar route, to the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

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