The State of Off Road Racing from a Grass Roots Promoter Part 2 and the Evolution of DRIVE

Well…Here we are. It’s been just under two months since the California 200 tragedy. As a promoter everything I knew as right or as wrong has been completely turned upside down.

Its been over two years since the thought of DRIVE even came into my head. DRIVE was started by off road racing volunteers to offer an alternative for truck and buggy racing in Plaster City. Our mission was to provide quality racing at an affordable price while pushing the agenda of keeping off road areas open. I can honestly say that we got off track at some point and got into a price war. That price war put us in a bad position and took away from our original goals. We also got off on the wrong foot with negativity. That was never my intention.

I was never supposed to be the President of this organization. I was supposed to be the guy that chose and marked courses. The person I started this with was going to be the face of the organization. Before we got to the first race he decided that it wasn’t for him. When he told me he was done I had nothing to say but “I’m not giving up”.  As a leader I have certainly tripped and stumbled but at the end of the day I know in my heart that what I have tried to do is pure.

I’m an organizer and a planner not a salesman.  In the last few years I’ve had to learn to wear multiple hats. Marketing, course director, politician, mediator, book keeper, and soon to be DAD. Yep…new DRIVE member coming in February.

After the California 200 tragedy there was a brief time when I thought “I’m done. I can’t handle something like this on my head.” Then I grieved. Then I got mad. Then I sunk into depression. Then I picked myself up by my dirty, paint covered boots and decided that there was no other option then to press forward. All over the course of about 24 hours. My wife (Mamma DRIVE) put it all in perspective. She asked me “What are you going to do?” She could have easily said “I’m out and you need to stop.”

I immediately thought that sponsors would pull out and that it would be the end. We personally were already spending every dime we had to make our races happen. Any lose of sponsors would be a disaster. The exact opposite happened. Since August a large number of companies have stepped up to keep racing in Plaster City going. Please check out our home page on our website to see all the companies that have stepped up to keep racing going. We are adding new ones every day.

So where are we now? We are in a position to actually do what we started out to do but facing the most uncertain times we will ever face. All I know is that next week I get to do the thing I love most about this job…pounding stakes and marking off another bad ass course.