Kevin Terry – Chevy Prerunner

Kevin Terry may not be a household name or even a name that comes up when you think about the top builders in the off road industry but we can guarantee you have passed by him at a race during contingency or on a road down in Mexico. Kevin has been involved in off road since 1995 and has built one super clean Chevy prerunner. When we first saw this truck at the BAP, it had just been completed. Kevin brought it out to shakedown and cruise around doing media stuff for Hart Media.

When we heard the story behind it we knew we had to share. Very much like the underdog in a sports story, Kevin built this truck by himself in a small shop he rents on nights and weekends. No $500k budget, just some talent and a dream. We did something a little different with this feature, we decided to ask Kevin a few questions so you guys could get the background on Kevin and the vehicle.

RDC – How did you get started in fabrication? (What year? Who have you worked for? How long on your own?)

Kevin – Fabrication and machining goes back a couple generations in my family. My grandfather was a machinist and passed down the trade and tools to my father. Naturally, I took to the skill being around it growing up. I started really getting into fabrication around 18 years old (1995). Having the tooling at my hand, I was able to work on my own trucks rather than pay someone to do it for me. A few years later I stumbled across Larry Plank’s shop in my hometown of La Habra. I was so impressed with the quality of work that came out of that shop. The work they did inspired me to try and create at that level. After Larry’s death, his right hand man Nestor Berardi went off on his own to continue fabricating. He asked me to come help out on two luxury prerunners he was building for Scott Stienburger and the Herzogs. Being involved in the build of these trucks made me want something like this of my own.

RDC – What do you do for a 9-5?

Kevin – While fabrication is a passion of mine, I decided to keep it as a hobby and went to work for an electric utility company. I’ve had my share of fabrication side projects over the years, but in 2013 I decided it was time to execute the ultimate prerunner that I had always wanted.

RDC – Reason behind building the truck (Why chevy? Where did you build the truck? How long was the build?)

Kevin – I have always been a fan of Chevy products so that’s why I decided to do a Chevy Silverado. Over the next 3 years I spent nights and weekends working on the build in my personal shop.

RDC – Any influence and/or mentors behind the build or people you want to thank?

Kevin – I owe a ton of credit to my Dad for the continuous support and helping me along the way. Credit also to my two right hand buddies Dave Hart and Bronson Lee for all their help on the project.

RDC – When a TT team approaches you to buy it, is it for sale?

Kevin – I plan to keep the truck for now and enjoy it as much as I can with my kids, family and friends.


Owner: Kevin Terry
Chassis: 4130 Chromolly Full Tube Chassis
Suspension FT- Center Mount A-Arm 24″ Travel

RR- 4 Link 28″ Travel

Engine: LS2 525 Horsepower
Transmission: Built TH400, TCS Torque Converter
Shocks: FT-King 2.5 Coilovers, 3.0 Full Race Bypass

RR-King 2.5 Coilovers, 3.0 Full Race Bypass

Springs: King
Seats & Safety: Twisted Stich Seats

Crow 5 Point Harnesses

Axle: Custom 4130 9″ Built In-House
Brakes: Wilwood 4 Piston (in shoot)

**upgraded to 6 piston after shoot

Steering:  3″ Howe Performance Rack
Wheels: 17″ Ultra Beadlocks
Tires: 39″ BFG Projects
Electronics Custom Haltech Computer and Harness

Wiring by Johnny Lightning

PCI Intercom

Kenwood Sound System

RacePak Dash

Lowrance GPS

Lighting KC Highlights
Body:  Fiberwerx Custom Glass
Special Notes: Fully Tig Welded Vehicle

LJ Kennedy Aluminum Work

Paint by Eddies Custom Paint

Line-X Santa Fe Springs CA

Interior Bills Custom Upholstery

Harmon Race Cell 53 Gallon

Gibson Stainless Steel Exhaust

Vintage Air AC/Heater

CBR Coolers

135″ Wheelbase

92″ Trackwidth


Special thank you to Joey Hart of Hart Media for his help on the feature.


8 comments on “Kevin Terry – Chevy Prerunner
  1. CARLOS DAVIS says:

    Nice build Kevin. Very Nice !!! VIVA la Chevy !!!
    …don’t drive in the rain though

  2. Lance Lazzarino says:

    Super Clean and nice, great build! R you selling it?

  3. Chele says:

    You should be very proud Kevin! All of your hard work and endless time made your dream come true! Proud of you!

  4. Efrain Reyes says:

    Kevin great job very nice truck bro,nice story i am on same boat wanting to build my own would like to get some some advice/consulting bro if willing to as some job very nice

  5. Josh says:

    Amazing build ^^ similar situation on a build and would like to know if you would be interested on a clone build?


    – Josh

  6. Guillermo says:

    Chevy #1 !!!

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