STEEL-IT Joins The Mint 400 as Supporting Sponsor of The Great American Off-Road Race

Protect your off-road vehicle and daily driver with STEEL-IT

The Mint 400 today announced its latest partnership with STEEL-IT, manufacturer and distributor of a full line of specialized, high performance metallic coatings developed to protect a vehicle’s critical parts while also allowing repairs in the field.  STEEL-IT will be displaying and vending its full line of protective coatings at the massive Odyssey Battery Mint 400 Tech & Contingency right in the middle of downtown Las Vegas on Fremont St. East on Friday, March 3rd. STEEL-IT will also be displaying on race day at The Primm Valley Mint 400 Start/Finish line in Primm, NV behind Buffalo Bill’s.

Top teams are using a STEEL-IT to solve the shortcomings of raw steel and powder coating by providing a rugged barrier against rust and corrosion that also allows you to weld directly on the coating itself. Welds are clean and strong because STEEL-IT Polyurethane is packed full of 316L stainless steel micro flakes that are combined with additional anti-corrosive elements in a polyurethane resin.  Unseen by the naked eye, the microscopic stainless steel flakes align on the surface to form a tightly overlapping, pure 316L stainless steel barrier wall. This stainless steel shield makes materials coated with STEEL-IT nearly impervious to rust and corrosive elements while providing a durable finish that holds up under the most challenging conditions.

“Stainless Steel Coatings is grateful for the opportunity to be among those sponsoring the Mint, one of off-road desert racing’s most legendary and highly regarded events. It is an honor to be associated with the organizers, builders, racing teams, crews and all those who truly make this The Great American Off-Road Race,” said STEEL-IT President & CEO, Michael Faigen.

STEEL-IT is applied just like paint either from aerosol cans or by using standard spray equipment. The coating has a burnished stainless steel looking finish that doesn’t chip or flake. When it comes to attracting fans and sponsors, looks can be just as important as a racing team’s performance on the course. Crew chiefs that are responsible for maintaining some of the most sophisticated vehicles in off-road racing are using STEEL-IT because of the many benefits it provides.

“STEEL-IT is one of those products that almost makes too much sense.  We put our vehicles through some of the nastiest terrain on the planet.  We should all be protecting them using products like STEEL-IT and it’s rare that a single product can provide such protection, appearance, simple application, and fast repairs,” said Mint 400 CEO, Matt Martelli. 

One of the first teams to discover STEEL-IT coatings, Bevly Wilson Racing, burst onto the Trophy Truck scene in 2016 with a victory at the first SCORE series event of the year, the San Felipe 250. They had only one other race under their belts in their Jimco Trophy Truck before taking on a seasoned and well equipped field of heavy hitters in San Felipe. STEEL-IT Polyurethane saved them many hours during preparation. It allowed time usually spent in the shop cleaning and treating parts to be used for testing and tuning instead. Their hard work paid off with the victory in San Felipe and continued all year. Their strong performances put them in contention for a Trophy Truck championship in their first year of racing. 

The time management dividends alone will pay for the cost of the product and more. Go to to find more information about STEEL-IT brand coatings or to to focus on STEEL-IT Polyurethane’s use in off-road applications.

Come and visit STEEL-IT at Contingency and check out their full line of products Friday, March 3rd 2017 at Tech & Contingency on Fremont Street East and Saturday, March 4th 2017 at the Primm Valley Mint 400 Start/Finish in Primm, NV directly behind Buffalo Bills Casino.

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Known as “The Great American Off-Road Race™,” The Mint 400 is the oldest, most prestigious, and most challenging off-road race on the planet. This annual four-hundred mile marathon between the top off-road racers in the world includes over three hundred and fifty race teams in twenty-four different classes of off-road vehicles. Established in 1967, The Mint 400 is steeped in American lore. Thousands of racers and celebrities from around the world have attempted to tame the brutal Nevada desert, but less than half of them have ever finished the Mint. An entire week of events lead up to the famed off-road contest in and around Las Vegas, including a vehicle parade down the Las Vegas Strip, a drivers meet and greet, a pit crew challenge contest, the Miss Mint 400 beauty pageant, massive parties, a qualifying race, and a huge ten-block “contingency” gathering on Fremont Street East. Over forty-thousand spectators gather to watch the worlds best off-road race teams do battle at The Mint 400! 

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