STEEL-IT®: Making Powder Coat A Thing of The Past

Bevly Wilson Racing, burst onto the Trophy Truck scene in 2016 with a victory at the first SCORE series event of the year, the San Felipe 250. They had only one other race in their Jimco Trophy Truck under their belts before taking on a seasoned and well equipped field of heavy hitters in San Felipe. Their hard work in such a short time paid off with continued success all year. Their strong performances put them in contention for the Trophy Truck championship in their first year of racing in the class. They were able to spend critical time dialing in their new truck instead of working in the shop thanks to a revolutionary coating called STEEL-IT® Polyurethane.

STEEL-IT® Polyurethane solves the shortcomings of raw steel and powder coating by providing a rugged barrier against rust and corrosion that also allows you to weld directly on the coating itself. Welds are clean and strong because STEEL-IT® Polyurethane is packed full of 316L stainless steel micro flakes that are combined with additional anti-corrosive elements in a polyurethane resin.  Unseen by the naked eye, the microscopic stainless steel flakes align on the surface to form a tightly overlapping, pure 316L stainless steel barrier wall. This stainless steel shield makes materials coated with STEEL-IT® nearly impervious to rust and corrosive elements while providing a durable finish that holds up under the most challenging conditions. 

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. STEEL-IT® is applied just like paint either from aerosol cans or by using standard spray equipment. The coating has a burnished stainless steel looking finish that doesn’t chip or flake. When it comes to attracting fans and sponsors, looks can be just as important as a racing team’s performance on the course. Crew chiefs that are responsible for maintaining some of the most sophisticated vehicles in off-road racing are using STEEL-IT® because of the many benefits it provides. STEEL-IT® Polyurethane saves them many hours during preparation. It allows time usually spent in the shop cleaning and treating parts to be used for testing and tuning instead.

It’s rare that a single product can provide protection, appearance, simple application, and fast repairs. The time management dividends alone will pay for the cost of the product and more. Go to to find more information about STEEL-IT® brand coatings or to to focus on STEEL-IT® Polyurethane’s use in off-road applications.