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STEEL-IT To Title Sponsor Christopher Polvoorde In 2018

Hemet, CA
STEEL-IT, the weldable, high-performance coating that is rapidly winning over motorsports professionals and fans alike, will be the title sponsor of the Pro Lite racing team of Christopher Polvoorde. Polvoorde finished strong in his first full season racing professionally in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. A contender for the championship podium, Polvoorde finished 4th place in the standings, and received Rookie of the Year honors.

When he is not racing his Pro Lite truck, Polvoorde is training and competing in cross country competition on his mountain bike, working in the race shop, snowmobiling, wake surfing, or skiing; all while holding down a solid 4.5 GPA in school. He knows firsthand the protective and time saving benefits of using STEEL-IT Polyurethane coating.

“We are super excited to have STEEL-IT on board as our title sponsor in 2018,” says Polvoorde, “We look forward to working closely with the company, and it’s such a great product, everyone on the team loves it. We already use STEEL-IT on everything around the race shop, including all of our suspension parts and the complete chassis. We don’t have to spend days cleaning rust and grime off the truck after every race. With any other coatings, you have to spend hours scrubbing the chassis by hand, or send it out to have it stripped. After making repairs, you have to send it back out to get recoated. STEEL-IT makes our lives so much simpler. The toughness of the coating protects the truck’s parts, and we are able to accurately inspect for cracks or damage. We can get right to work making any repairs, and touch up the coating ourselves. We are able to save enough time in the shop to attend several shows with STEEL-IT throughout the year in addition to our busy race schedule.”

“We are thoroughly thrilled and delighted to be able to title sponsor Christopher,” says Michael Faigen, the President & CEO of the makers of STEEL-IT brand coatings. “Christopher is a very special young man. His amazing performance as a racer speaks for itself. Beyond that, he impressed me from the moment I met him. I particularly respect him for his genuine humility. His success hasn’t gone to his head. He knows he still has much to learn, and Christopher has that essential combination of smarts and discipline to accomplish great things. We are very proud that he has agreed to represent the STEEL-IT brand.”

STEEL-IT Polyurethane solves the shortcomings of raw steel and/or powder coating by providing a rugged barrier against rust and corrosion. The coating is packed full of 316L stainless steel micro flakes combined with additional anti-corrosive elements in a polyurethane resin. When STEEL-IT is applied, the microscopic stainless steel flakes align near the surface of the coating to form a densely packed barrier wall of pure 316L stainless steel. This stainless steel shield makes materials coated with STEEL-IT nearly impervious to rust and corrosive elements while providing a durable finish that holds up under the most challenging conditions.

What race teams value just as much is that STEEL-IT Polyurethane does not conceal damage in metal components, cracks and fissures that result from the incredible stresses put on their vehicles. Additional time savings are realized because STEEL-IT makes it possible to weld directly on the coating itself when repairing the damage underneath. The welds are clean and strong, and a quick touch up of STEEL-IT is the only thing needed.


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