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Steve Olliges – 1979 FORD Class 8

Mark Newhan recently finished the Class 8 build for Steve Olliges just in time to display at the BITD Vegas to Reno contingency. This is the 2nd of our multi-part series as RDC follows along the build and testing of the truck. For part one of the build Click Here.

Steve Olliges
Builder: Mark Newhan
Chassis: 1979 Ford F150
Weight: 5300 lbs Dry
Wheel Base: 119″
Track Width: 88″
Front Suspension: Custom I-beam design with custom 4130 Blitzkrieg beam ends, Pro Am knuckles, spindles and hubs. Fox 4.4″ external bypass shocks, Fox 3.0″ coil over with 21″ inches of travel.
Rear Suspension: Custom 3 link with Dirt-Tech 60” trailing arms, Dirt-Tech 4.0 Pro housing, 36 spline TT axles, Gear works 10” third member, Fox 4.4″ bypass shocks, 3.0″ Coilover with 32 inches of travel.
Engine: 438 c.i. Total Performance Santee, Ca. Greg Grosset. 675 HP/630 Tq.
Transmission: Trophy Truck TH-400 by Rancho Drivetrain
Fuel Cell: Dirt-Tech 80 Gallon Custom
Ignition: MSD dual ignition boxes, MSD distributor and crank fire backup
Tires: BFG 39″ Projects
Wheels: Trail Ready 17″ Beadlocks
Paint: Fatboy Fiberglass
Seats: Mastercraft 3G
Brakes: Brembo
Wiring: Racewire
Lights: KC Carbon POD HID’s
Communication: PCI
Navigation: Lowrance
Website: www.teamford.com
Extra: Headers by Bob Butler, Sandy Cone Sway Bar, Gauges Autometer, NASCAR Gauges read via LED color change as levels change, Aluminum work by Agana Metal Products (Gabe Agana), Custom Front Clip designed by Mark Newhan & Fatboy Fiberglass (mold owned by Steve Olliges), Build time 8 months, special thanks to Bob and Carol Gall
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    Tom Williams
  • August 22, 2011
Never met Mark, But I feel the need to shake his hand! WOW!
If I had a water cooled check book, I would have him build me one.
  • M
    marco caro
  • August 22, 2011
i have never met mark either nor know what he looks like,but the time,detail,craftsmanship and professionalism that he puts into EVERY build if seen of his is just unique. to me he has no competition in the offroad industry. keep the projects coming Mr. Newhan so that we may learn a thing or two from you!!!!
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    Tim Gardner
  • August 28, 2011
Congrats Steve! Love the retro look. Can't wait to see it in action in Parker!
now that is what a class 8 should look like
  • W
    Wally Meier
  • August 31, 2011
I'm sure I missed something along the way but I can't quite figure out why at this time build a class #8 when the majority of the attiontion goes to the Trophy Trucks and class#1. Please don't get me wrong it's a beautiful peice and I'm guessing it's cheaper than the afor mentionend classes and I grew up rooting for guy's in the class I just wonder why??