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Raceworks Prerunner – Mark Peterson

Owner: Mark Peterson
Builder: Stewart’s Raceworks
Weight: 5800 lb
Wheel Base: 136″
Track Width: 92″
Front Suspension: 26″ Wheel travel, with 4.0″ King bypass and 3.0 King coilover
Rear Suspension: 31″ Wheel travel, 4 link suspension with 4.0 King bypass and 3.0 King coilover
Engine: Kroyer built wet sump, Motec injected, 750 HP
Transmission: Kroyer Turbo 400
Fuel Cell: 70 Gallon Fuel Safe
Rear end: Tube Works Housing, Gear works 5.29, Raceworks sway bar
Tires 39″ BFGoodrich Project T/A
Wheels Walker Evans 17×8
Cooling: Ron Davis 3 fan Radiator, 3 Fluidyne oil coolers, 1 C&R heat exchanger
Body: Prototype Concepts Fiberglass, Brink Designs paint
Communication: Kenwood
Navigation: Garmin
Extra: Mikes Upholstery Service custom leather interior.
  • C
  • December 21, 2010
hello how much it costs to make one of that or as soon as they came out?
Not my color but, beautiful! Nice work Craig!
Wow that is one nice truck I would love to be the person to go take out and get it dirty. Great photos to.
  • G
  • December 29, 2010
whats one cost? my guess $400-500k
Just as expected-excellent job team-
  • V
    Victor Hugo
  • January 5, 2011
I saw this truck at the San Diego Auto Show and I must say it is just GREAT!!! By far my favorite vehicle of the whole Auto Show; I guess it was one of the most expensive too, if not the most expensive one. It just has everything, all the comodities of a luxury car plus the performance of a high-end Trophy Truck.
I would love to see this truck in action.