Strong winds and high hopes, Tonopah 250 Contingency -

Strong winds and high hopes, Tonopah 250 Contingency

2017 Race-Dezert Tonopah 250 coverage sponsored by Method Race Wheels

If the weather today was any indication of things to come, there is a storm brewing other than the one taking place on the racecourse tomorrow. The blue skies and warm sun that shone on time trials yesterday was displaced by strong winds and clouds as the racers navigated through contingency today for the Best in the Desert series Tonopah 250. Everyone is bundled up against the wind, and moving briskly through the vendors that line contingency row. We did get a chance to talk to Jason Voss for a minute as we huddled up for shelter next to the Butch’s Speed Shop trailer. We asked him if he would be fighting it out with Letner for the win or playing it safe and going for a top points finish. “Do you think Harley will pull over and let me by?” asked Voss. His answer told us everything as we knew; there was no way Letner was going to yield to anyone. Voss wants the win, and so does Letner; there will be no points racing going on tomorrow.

The course that waits the racers tomorrow has a little of everything and seems to change personality around every corner. Voss admitted that the time trials course had some tight corners that were better suited to Letner’s class 1500 unlimited buggy, but the race course has some faster and much rougher terrain where he can open his Trick Truck up and chase down Letner. He will also have Kevin Thompson, Carl Beal, Justin Matney, Cory Keysar, and the rest of the Trick Trucks breathing down his back. Every class has their own battle to run. In the UTV’s Caliente winner Sven Ellison will start his first race from the pole in his Holz Racing Polaris. There might be some unfinished business between him and second place finisher Phil Blurton who held the early lead at Caliente.

In just a few hours, the driver’s meeting will take place and then the final checks and last bit of strategy will be mapped out before they hit the course in the morning. Thankfully the high winds are predicted to subside during the race. The only thing causing dust in the morning will be the bikes, Trucks, cars, and UTV’s that will be racing.

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