ERENDIRA BAJA CA, MEXICO – announces that SUNOCO Race Fuels will provide 100 octane race gas for all BAJA RALLY participants. During the 3-day inaugural event, rally participants will navigate over 2 days and 300 miles. Fuel management is a critical component and SUNOCO Race Fuels will host fuel service during check stops. Along with SUNOCO, BAJA PITS will be on site to see that everything runs smoothly.

“What could be better than 2 well known names in BAJA to support the BAJA RALLY?”, asked rally director Scotty Breauxman. “It will mean a lot to our navigators that they don’t have to worry about any of their fuel for the rally. SUNOCO Race Fuels has us covered.”

“We’ve always supported the bike guys”, says SUNOCO Race Fuels Off Road Distributor Bill “Memo” Rodriguez, “And we want to support them with this new rally-raid event.”
The SUNOCO race Fuels name has flourished in Baja for over two decades, fueling thousands of racers and countless gallons of race gas.

The Inaugural BAJA RALLY is the first ever roadbook-navigation based “rally-raid” for motorcycles to be held in BAJA CA and will take place on a series of secret course routes beginning in the historically rich wine country of Santo Tomas and ending in the agricultural center of San Quintin. More information about BAJA’s newest motorsports experience at