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T5 Trucks – The Backbone of Dakar

The T5 trucks are the backbone to every race team here at the Dakar. You simply have to have one to be able to compete. Each truck is a fully equipped rolling shop on wheels. Amongst the T5’s you have brands like Iveco, MAN, Hino, Scania, Mercedes and others from around the world. One of these T5’s stick out like a sore thumb here at the Dakar, Robby Gordon’s Freightliner.

While RG’s T5 isn’t a race truck it is well sorted and anything that helps you do something faster is an advantage. It’s taken years of gathering knowledge to get this support truck to it’s current condition. What works, what doesn’t, what makes the job easier, what saves time, what you absolutely have to have; everything has its place.

Robby typically doesn’t like to open his doors for anyone let alone a photo tour of anything that might give the competition an edge. With the exception of a few sections, RDC was permitted behind the scenes to tour the RGM T5 Freightliner.

Make: Freightliner
Model: Argosy custom cab-over
Engine: 500 Cummins diesel
Trans: 18speed auto
T/Case: Marmon/Harrington
Fuel capacity: 280gal
Water capacity: 150gal
Race Fuel capacity: 280gal
Weight rating: 60,000lbs
Overall length: 50ft

#1 of 3 made
Custom expandable box
Sleeper converted to 4 door cab
Marmon/Harrington front end
Custom double layer frame
Full shower and toilet
Air inflation system
Tires double as air tanks
20in locker system rims
3in King shocks with air bags


  1. I’m goin’ out on the highway
    Listen to them big trucks whine
    I’m goin’ out on the highway
    Listen to them big trucks whine

    TVZ / White Freight Liner Blues

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