Tacos and Trucks in July

By Jason Stilgebouer

What is a better pairing than tacos and trucks? Not much. In celebration Tacos and Trucks attracted nearly 100 trucks at El Ranchito Taco Shop in Lake Elsinore, CA, July 6, for a relaxing time hanging out eating tacos. We got a chance to head down, check out the incredible vehicles, meet some great people, and pet a few goats. (yes, there really was goats there) In addition, we were able to hand out a few of our new Race Dezert Badge stickers, so that is always a plus. 

As the sun was setting and darkness was coming quickly, the crowd congregated over each other’s rides. It being taco Tuesday, El Ranchito Taco shop was serving up some delicious tacos all night long. The line was out the door, and trucks were rolling in. 

A variety of trucks rolled in, from old race trucks that had raced in Baja to Jeeps and prerunners. Even Tacos and Trucks founder Rusty Baptist brought out his insanely built Bronco sitting on 40-inch tires. 

We were able to see 1-ton axle Toyota rock crawlers to fully built luxury prerunners and overland-built vehicles. It didn’t matter if you had a Jeep, a truck, or a Rav 4; there was something for everyone there from all aspects of the industry. 

One of my favorite vehicles was an 80s Ford F250 Prerunner built in the 80s and remained true to its original shape. Full original frame, sitting on leaf springs, dual shocks up front, and a 600 hp big block to top it all off. It is a thing of pure beauty. 

Overall, Tacos and Trucks went off without a hitch; it is another way we are taking a step outside of racing or our online chats through social media and come together as a community and hang out during the week. Rusty has done an incredible job with the meet, and we can’t wait until the next one. Needless to say, tacos and trucks go pretty well together. 

For more information on Tacos and Trucks head on over to their website