Team DynoMax Ultra4 Racing Buggy & BITD Class 1 Car -

Team DynoMax Ultra4 Racing Buggy & BITD Class 1 Car

A leading innovator in performance exhaust technologies, DynoMax Performance Exhaust recently announced the sponsorship of Shannon Campbell and the Team Campbell Racing program in two of the off-road racing community’s pre-eminent racing series: Ultra4 Racing and the Best In the Desert Series. Campbell Racing is the race team of Campbell Enterprises, Gilbert, Ariz.
We are very excited to sponsor Shannon Campbell. He’s a decorated racer and an icon in off-road racing,” said Bob Willis, Sales Manager, West Coast, Performance Products, Tenneco. “We’re eager to see what he does this year in his DynoMax buggies.”
Shannon Campbell, owner of Campbell Enterprises, has won multiple championships in rock crawling and was crowned “King of the Hammer” in the inaugural King of the Hammers race in 2008. Team Campbell Racing will race the Team DynoMax Ultra4 racing buggy this week during the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers Race, now a part of the Ultra4 Racing Series.
This partnership was forged with a strong respect for one another, our businesses and our brands,” Willis said. “There’s truly nothing better than working out a business deal with a friend that I trust and admire. It will be an even greater moment to see him wearing his DynoMax colors at these popular races. We’re eager to hear what he has to say about our DynoMax products and what insight he can give us into new products and technologies.”
Campbell, a leading racer and fabricator, has been using DynoMax products for years. He’s accustomed to racing hard, from the start until the finish. “Anyone that knows Shannon knows what I’m saying,” Willis said. “He is on the gas 100 percent of the time and pushing his equipment to the absolute limit at each and every race.
DynoMax is the secondary sponsor of the Ultra4 Racing Series #8 Campbell Enterprises buggy. This rig features a special race chassis fabricated by Campbell Enterprises. DynoMax is the secondary sponsor of this rig, driven by Rob McKenney and Nick Campbell.
Shannon will pilot his DynoMax #1554 buggy in Class 1/1500 (Full-Size Class) at the Best in the Desert racing series. DynoMax is this vehicle’s primary sponsor. This is Campbell’s second year competing in this class and series.
My brother and I have been using DynoMax products on our personal vehicles for years. From our Chevy tow truck that hauls our teams 40-ft. fifth wheel, our Dodge Ram support truck, and our daily drivers, our DynoMax Cat-Back systems work great,” Shannon Campbell said. “The Ultra Flo Welded muffler is the highest flowing muffler in the industry, just look at the flow data and analysis. To me, as a racer, that means less restriction and more horsepower…and more wins.”
Campbell utilized the DynoMax Bullet Race mufflers when he built his rigs. “We were looking for high horsepower, high flow and minimal restriction while meeting race restrictions. We found that the Bullets were perfect for us,” Campbell said. “We can’t wait to see how they perform in the desert.”
If your race series is tough on noise, DynoMax offers a full line of mufflers to meet your series regulations. “If you’re looking to minimize noise while still maximizing airflow, be sure to check out DynoMax Ultra Flo Welded mufflers. Ultra Flo Welded mufflers have the highest CFM on the market today,” Willis said.
Stay tuned to and the DynoMax Facebook Fan Page for frequent updates, race highlights and exclusive, behind-the-scenes interviews with Campbell and Team Campbell Racing.
We’re certain you’ll agree that Team DynoMax will deliver “Pure Unadulterated Power” in each and every race this season.

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