TEAM SPEED Air Inflation in Question –

TEAM SPEED Air Inflation in Question

Robby Gordon and Team SPEED are shocked and disappointed by the interim decision by the race organizers of the 2012 Dakar Rally, and that decision has now been appealed to the governing body. The appeal will be decided several weeks from now, so Robby Gordon and the Team will continue to participate in the 2012 Dakar Rally pending final determination of the appeal.

The issue centers on the tire inflation system used on the Hummers. That system was specifically inspected, tested, and approved by the organizers for both the 2011 Dakar Rally and the 2012 Dakar Rally. Further, it is the same system that Robby Gordon and the Team have used on the Hummers for each of the past 5 years that they have participated in the Dakar Rally.

It is particularly unfortunate that an issue like this would be raised after the system was specifically approved while Robby and the Team were gaining on the leader through virtually every stage of the rally. It is equally troublesome that this decision has been made at the same time that French national and race leader Stephane Peterhansel has been effectively excused from any responsibility for failing to comply with the rule obligating all competitors to give way when the sentinel is pressed by a competitor who is about to pass. However, Robby Gordon and Team SPEED choose to believe that the outcome of the 2012 Dakar Rally will ultimately be decided on the race course by competitors using equipment that was expressly approved by the race organizers, and not as a result of a political battle between competing teams or national interests.

Robby Gordon, Johnny Campbell, and Team SPEED intend to complete the 2012 Dakar Rally and do their best to achieve a podium finish. The Team will put this alleged infraction behind them and hopes to celebrate as one of the top teams of the 2012 Dakar Rally.


  1. Misinformed article. Put aside the blind patriotism “robby’s american- they are french”
    The race stewarts have found a hidden split airline that bypasses the engine restrictor.
    This boosts the engine. It’s against the rules, cheating, pure and simple.
    Robby talks a lot of trash. Even without the disqualification, he wouldn’t win because of technical failure.

  2. Joe- RG opened up his engine box at the finish today and invited a bunch of cameras inside to have a peek. This, after destroying the field from the first KM. I know Johnny C on a personal level and his soul is not for sale. It would be pretty tough for RG to pull wool over his co-pilot’s eyes.

    Remember when OJ was on triall? He didn’t scream and holler his innocence… because he was guilty as sin. RG wants to open the motorbox now that he’s opening cans of whoop-ass. I do not think he’s hiding anything, even as rambunctious as the guy can be.

    BTW: This isn’t an article. Its RG’s official statement, a press release. One-sided by definition

  3. Leave it to the French . Who is really cheating here . I don’t think it is Robby and if this is not over turned it will be a sad day for rally fans of Dakar. It should never get to this point ever !!!

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