Thank You for 2019


As this year comes to a close we would like to take a minute to say Thank You. Thank you for the business. Thank you for sharing your problems. Thank you for the chance to help solve them.
Before you jump into the video, we have one quick ask. When you
run into an issue working on your vehicle next year or find yourself wishing you had a tool or part that would do “_____”. Please reach out and share your frustrations with us. Because it is literally our purpose to help you find solutions to your problems. And as a way
of saying thank you for the projects we work on, we would like to
make the solutions for you for FREE.
Share your frustrations & tool needs at
Enjoy our 2019 recap and have a happy, prosperous New Year!



Rudolph may not have been able to take advantage of the Electric Jack in his day. But you certainly can. With its mountain of features it can help you get out of almost any trail side situation, with just the push of a button. So easy even little Jimmy knows how to use it.