The 2013 General Tire Mint 400 Presented by Polaris is here

The Great American Off-Road Race is upon us yet again.  In just one week, over 40 of the best Trophy Truck teams and 250 race vehicles from all around the country will make their way to the California Nevada border in hopes of surviving the 2013 General Tire Mint 400.

As thousands of racers, pit crewmembers, spectators, volunteers and media personnel make their way to Freemont Street in Las Vegas Nevada, the vision becomes apparent.  Beyond actually driving an off-road race vehicle in the legendary Mint 400, The Mint 400 has a vision like no other and can only be taken in by the sights and sounds of all that takes place on Freemont Street.  Nowhere else in the United States can you the fan spend 5 days with the very top off-road racers in the industry.  Not only can you see them up close and personal but you can shake their hands, touch their race cars, share a cocktail with them and their crew, buy their sponsors swag on the vendor midway and watch them pin the throttle at over 120 mph; all in the same weekend.  It’s an experience that you will remember for a lifetime and you will end up telling those stories to your kids and grandkids for as long as you live.

The 2013 Mint 400 starts just south of the city of Las Vegas Nevada in a small town called Jean.  Racers ranging from a stock production UTV class to the class 10 unlimited buggies all the way up to the $500k Trophy Trucks will all battle the traitorous 400-mile course that lives directly above the California Nevada border.  In years past there has been track maintenance and grooming involved weeks prior to the race in order to satisfy the needs of the more limited classes.  This year, there hasn’t been any grooming.  The unforgiving Nevada dirt has been settled by weeks of rain, rocks the size of refrigerators have made their way to the surface and the newly added feature called “The Gold Mine” isn’t so golden.  “The Gold Mine” was designed for you the spectator and will become a wrecking yard for those who choose to push it past the limits.  Equipped with high bank turns, moguls, off camber turns, elevation changes and tons of obstacles (just for added excitement) “The Gold Mine” is truly the place to be.


It is highly unlikely that even 50 percent of all race vehicles will even finish this years Mint 400, due in part to the high speed rally roads, tight technical rock garden but most of all; the unforgiving Nevada desert.  The Mint 400 isn’t to be taken lightly; it’s an all or nothing kind of race… come prepared, and come to Las Vegas Nevada on March 20th-24th to experience one of the finest freedoms left in the United States:  hard core off road racing action.