The 2015 Deegan 38 F150

Chris Ross, the guy who put together The Luxury Performance Raptor has pulled together some of the best aftermarket builders in the industry to create The 2015 Deegan 38 FORD F150. This Beast of a truck is no joke, it may look a bit disco but it’s all business! Somehow the team of engine builders headed up by Geoff Raicer from Full-Race Motorsports got 600 horsepower to the wheels out of an FORD Ecoboost Engine! All that horsepower coupled with the A.D.D. suspension package and this bad boy is ready for the dirt. Not it’s not a custom pre-runner or a trophy truck, but for an off-road vehicle you can drive daily it’s pretty sick. Least we forget that we need to rock out when we are doing 100+ off-road, “The Deegan 38” is equipped with a state of art custom audio and video system put together by Ground Force Automotive combining a Rockford Fosgate sound system with a 1 Beyond – stream machine and event recorder basically tuning this truck into a rolling Slayer concert. The body work is no normal bolt on fender kit, Ground Force automotive built custom front and rear carbon fiber fenders to keep the weight down and strength up.

Base Vehicle
• 2015 Ford F-150 XLT 4×4 SuperCab
• 3.5L EcoBoost V6 Engine
• 6-speed electronic automatic transmission

• Full-Race Motorsports
• Front mount intercooler
• Cat-back exhaust
• Y-pipe downpipe
• Intake
• BorgWarner – Upgraded EFR turbochargers
• Leading Edge Tuning
• Custom F-150 EcoBoost 600WHP tune
• Custom Fueling setup
• ProEFI
• Pro48 for extra injector control
• Plug and play harness
• SCT Performance – Livewire TS

• Addictive Desert Designs
• 2015 F-150 Stage 3 front and rear suspension kit
• 2015 F-150 rear bump stop kit
• 2015 F-150 rear frame gusset kit
• 2015 F-150 fabricated spindle uprights
• Extended shackle kit
• Billet aluminum tie rod kit
• Alcon Brakes – race quality 6 piston font and 4 piston rear kit
• Fox Shox
• Custom 16” 4 tube by-pass rear shocks
• Custom 3.0” coil over front shocks
• 2.5” bump stops
• Deaver Springs – custom +4.5” spring packs
• Currie Enterprises – rear axle assembly


deegan_38_2015_F150_rear_suspensiondeegan_38_2015_F150_front_suspension deegan_38_2015_F150_front_suspension_01
Wheels & Tires
• Mickey Thompson – “Deegan 38” Wheels – 17” x 9”
• Mickey Thompson – “Deegan 38” Tires – 37” x 17” x 12.5”

• Addictive Desert Designs
• Carbon fiber Deegan 38 fenders made by Ground Force Automotive
• Carbon fiber Deegan 38 rear bedsides made by Ground Force Automotive
• Front and rear fender liners made by Ground Force Automotive
• Full truck wrap
• Deegan Race Series front & rear bumpers
• Deegan Race Series chase rack
• Deegan Race Series side steps
• KC HiLites – flex LED lighting package
• Raptor Retrofit – high performance headlight upgrade
• Rockford Fosgate – 8″ wakeboard tower speakers
• Line X – spray-on bedliner
• Alumicraft – Dan Baker – Deegan 38 aluminum front grill
• Terry Stephens – Kiwi Terry – Deegan 38 airbrush art
• Sticky Fingers Design – airbrush art transfer and wrap layout

Quad Morimoto HID Mini D2S X lens Projectors
Quad Morimoto HID Mini D2S X lens Projectors

• Mastercraft – “Deegan 38” custom seats
• Rockford Fosgate – “Deegan 38” custom sound system
• Creative Audio Werks – custom audio installation
• 1 Beyond – stream machine and event recorder
• SCT Performance – Livewire TS


Rockford_Fosgate_sound_system_03 Rockford_Fosgate_sound_system_04
Anybody who knows the work that goes into SEMA builds knows it means all nighters and weekends so here are a fee of the guys behind the scenes that put blood sweat and likely some tears in this project:

Geoff Raicer – Full-Race Motorsports
Erick Gunter – Leading Edge Tuning
Jeremy Thompson – Black Market Racing
Jason Seibels – ProEFI
Borg Warner – 6258 EFR Turbos
SCT Performance
Antonio Carr – Ground Force Automotive

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    Chris Ross
  • October 29, 2014
Thanks Race-Dezert. We appreciate the love. Greg Foutz, Jared Hare and the team at Addictive Desert Designs really went the extra mile on this build for us. This entire package will be available through ADD as the Baja XTR Deegan 38 package, and it offers a great opportunity for the Ford F-150 and Raptor enthusiasts to build an incredible daily driver with exceptional off road capabilities. The whole package also allows the average Joe to be able to build a very capable truck in stages rather than having to shell out a ton of cash up front for a fully built desert truck.

We really look forward to sharing more on the truck over the coming weeks. This new F-150 platform has great potential.
  • G
    Greg Foutze
  • November 11, 2014
Lost his Rigid sponsorship I see...