The Battle For The Cup – 2013 Lucas Oil Challenge Cup

The 2013 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series has come and gone as far as championships are concerned, but one final race was left; the Lucas Oil Challenge Cup.

Challenge Cup events are a great combination of everything the fans want to see and everything the drivers want to see. For the fans, it’s action packed racing in a no holds bared fight for the finish. For the racers, it’s simple; cold hard cash! The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series welcomes anyone and everyone who dares to take on the best of the best. Unusual to a typical round of racing, Pro 2 and Pro 4 Unlimited’s are combined for one race and strategically placed in reverse championship points order. Pro Lite Unlimited’s are also placed in reverse championship points order but they also run a 100% field capacity, meaning no LCQ. In years past, Pro Buggy’s and Pro Lite Unlimited’s were combined, but in 2013 each class will have their own cup race.

Kicking off the Pro division cup races was none other than the rising stars of the Modified Kart class. These drivers put on one of the best shows and build an amazing foundation for future champions. As if the modified Kart racing action wasn’t exciting enough, add in the fact that one of these up and coming stars would go home with a hand full of cash really ignited the young kart drivers.

When the green flag dropped it was the energetic Travis Pecoy who would jump out front in his FMF backed modified Kart. Pecoy would be followed by a host of drivers with some serious talent, many of which could win at any one moments notice. Gavin Harlien and Brock Heger were hot on the tail of Travis Pecoy and did all they could to snatch a victory here at Lake Elsinore.

Myles Cheek would pick his way though the field and by lap 3 he would be in contention for a podium. After a couple yellow flags and a few swallowed up drivers, it was an all out sprint to the finish.

Myles Cheek would end up leading the race to the checkered flag followed by Travis Pecoy and Brock Heger. This marks Myles Cheek’s third Challenge Cup victory and his second in the Modified Kart class.

Mod Kart Results
1. Myles Cheek
2. Travis Pecoy
3. Brock Heger

Just after opening ceremonies, the Pro Lite Unlimited’s took the track in their quest for $10,000. 24 Pro Lite Unlimited drivers filled the track with an all or nothing mentality, not even the threat of a black flag could tame these 24 Pro Lite racers.

Championship points leaders Brian Deegan, Sheldon Creed and RJ Anderson started mid-way through the pack and would be forced to avoid all confrontation. Fresh off the green flag start, Mikey Lawrence and Justin “Bean” Smith found clean air at the front of the field. Not far behind Smith and Lawrence were the hard chargers of RJ Anderson and “The Prodigy” Sheldon Creed. Creed and Anderson would find themselves battling for the lead with Justin “Bean” Smith just after lap number 4; the heat was on.

Smith, Creed and Anderson would change positions multiple times throughout the second half of the main event, but the true dogfight would come from RJ Anderson and Justin “Bean” Smith. Smith was holding down some of the fastest lap times we have seen all year long and able to avoid an attack by Anderson. With one lap left fresh off of a restart, RJ Anderson took a chance in the last turn before the checkered flag and it cost him dearly. Anderson wouldn’t be able to faze Smith with his aggressive maneuver and would consequently spin himself sideways allowing Sheldon Creed to pass with ease. Sheldon Creed and RJ Anderson would follow Justin “Bean” Smith to the podium, as he would go on to win the 2013 Lucas Oil Challenge Cup and earn himself a nice big check for $10,000.

Prolite Results
1. Justin Bean Smith
2. Sheldon Creed
3. RJ Anderson

There is no way possible to keep up with all of the racing action that takes place in a Pro 2 and Pro 4 Challenge Cup race because your eyes are going every which way due to the track being filled with 30+ nine hundred-horse power beasts fighting for the shot at $30,000.

Without a doubt the most impressive drive came from the young rebel Robby Woods. Woods and Brian Deegan battled off the entire Pro 4 division and absolutely ran the wheels off of their machine. Although Eric Barron was able to squeak past the dueling duo he was later black flagged at the finish for an incidental contact with Robby Woods in turn 3. Deegan who said he knew Barron was coming in too hot to the turn anticipated the contact with Woods and made his room around them to take the lead.

Brian Deegan would become your 2013 Challenge Cup winner and permanently mount his name on the Lucas Oil Challenge Cup. Robby Woods would fight for the second place podium and a well-earned check for $15,000. Rounding out the podium was none other than Pro 4 rookie; Ryan Beat.

Pro 4 / Pro 2 Results
1. Brian Deegan (Pro 2)
2. Robby Woods (Pro 2)
3. Ryan Beat (Pro 4)































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