The Hammers Needs Your Help Today –

The Hammers Needs Your Help Today

A letter from Dave Cole:


I will try to be brief as I know we are all very busy. The process to save our public land has been moving through the Political Machine. We have tried hard to keep from ‘crying wolf’ and calling for action like this too often. Now is the time.

Congressman Paul Cook introduced legislation that met the Marine Corps Training needs and retained public access to the entirety of Johnson Valley. It was a modified version of the Marine Corps Alternative Four and the result will be The Johnson Valley National OHV Area. It went unopposed in the House of Representatives and is now part of the National Defense Authorization Act awaiting confirmation by the Senate.

Senator Dianne Feinstein is considering re-submitting Alternative Six through the Senate Arms Committee. This will take away the majority of Johnson Valley forever.

It is time to have our voices heard.

There may be other similar opportunities in the near future to support this cause. We are in the final weeks of this process. Please take the time to act.

Call and write to Senator Dianne Feinstein urging her to support the existing Alternative Four (also known as the Cook/McKeon Compromise) and DO NOT offer a conflicting proposal.

State Office: (415) 393-0707
Washington Office: (202) 224-3841
LA Office: (310) 914-7300
San Diego Office: (619) 231-9712
Fresno Office: (559) 485-7430

Email Link

Below are links to both talking points and the letter that I submitted. Please use your own words. We, as a group, made a difference before, we will again. Without your letter, we could lose this fight. Save the text you send her in your email as we may look to resubmit that in printed form as well (more on that later).

Link to my letter to Senator Feinstein
Link to talking points to use in your phone calls and emails

This is not just about off-roading. We are supporting our neighbors in the High Desert Area. Every surrounding town council joined the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors and Congressmen Cook, McCarthy, and McKeon in opposing Alternative Six.

Thank you for your time, please share this with anyone and everyone. In the near future we may be asking to reach out to other politicians so stay tuned and together we WILL be heard. Contact Senator Feinstein TODAY. Urge her to support the Cook/Mckeon compromise (also known as Alternative 4).

Sincerest Regards,
Dave Cole
on behalf of the California Motorized Recreation Council


  1. Dave-
    Can you get the name of the staffer along with contact info of the person that is handling this issue for the Senator, It may be an option to correspond with this person that will report to her, I have found in the past that they will typically listen to their constituents concerns.

  2. People take note and let it be known. Stop electing DiFi! She does not protect or respect our freedom and civil liberties.

  3. Letter sent and phone calls made. HOW IN THE WORD does this lady keep getting elected? She is a dinosaur. SHe could care a less about the people and what they want. She is a MAJOR reason CA sucks so bad now a days.

    For those that want the easy way feel free to copy and paste

    I will make this message as short as i possibly can. You are considering re-submitting Alternative Six through the Senate Arms Committee. This will take away the majority of Johnson Valley forever! My family enjoys this OHV area on a regular basis. Taking this land will be detrimental to our ohv riding areas here in sothern CA. We the people are losing open public area to enjoy with our families at an alarming rate. It is hard enough to keep kids out of trouble and off the streets with out our goverment taking what little recreation area they have away. If you do not support Alternative Four (also known as the Cook/McKeon Compromise) you will lose the vote of both myself and my wife along with as many people as we can reach out to between now and election time. I URGE YOU TO VOTE ALONG WITH ALTERNATIVE FOUR!!

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