The Mint 400 Announces Race Day Live Stream

The Mint 400 Announces Race Day Live Stream
Watch The Great American Off-Road Race for free on YouTube and Facebook

The Mint 400 announced their second annual live stream schedule today. New to 2019, they have expanded the coverage to include two days of fantastic race action. The two-day format will build on the storied events wildly successful live stream roll out, that reached over a quarter of a million unique visitors in 2018.

This years program will be available on The as well as select sponsor websites, YouTube and Facebook, and fans will be able to tune in on their computers and handheld devices from anywhere in the world to follow The Great American Off-Road Race™. On air talent will include off-road racing and motocross legend Ricky Johnson, off-road cultural icon Bob Bower, Ultra-4 competitor and KOH announcer Jim Marsden, and roving pit reporter Tiffany Stone.

“In 2018, The Mint 400 hit some significant milestones with the debut of our live stream package. The entire race was captured by our massive crew of photographers and cinematographers and broadcast internationally for twelve hours to over 250,000 viewers,” said Mint 400 CEO, Matt Martelli. “Mint 400 fans at home, on their mobile device, and at the race were all able to see unparalleled off-road race coverage of over 400 entries. Our social media impact in 2018 increased 290%, partly due to this new component.”

The Mint 400 live stream expansion this year will include a slew of new features and guests, including recaps highlights, and live coverage of the motorcycle and four wheel vehicle racing on Saturday March 9th as well as twelve hours of dedicated four wheel vehicle race coverage on Sunday March 10th. Saturday will feature hundreds of motorcycles competing in nineteen different classes in the morning, and eighteen classes of trucks, Jeeps, UTV’s, stock Volkswagens and vintage off-road race vehicles in the afternoon. Sunday morning the Class 10 cars, Pro UTV’s and five other classes will battle, making way for the Unlimited Trucks, Class 1 Cars, 6100 trucks, and more in the afternoon.