The Mint 400 Takes Over Las Vegas in the 4 Wheel Parts Mint 400 Vehicle Parade

It’s not every day you get to see a Trick Truck drive the Las Vegas Strip. Today proved that a tradition has been reborn, as 100 off-road race vehicles strolled down Las Vegas Boulevard in the 4 Wheel Parts Vehicle Parade. It’s a tradition that started back in the late 60’s and early 70’s when the race started on Fremont Street. The Martelli Brothers and Mad Media brought the vehicle parade back in 2013 and after a second consecutive flawless procession; it’s here to stay.

“I don’t care which walk of life you are, if you’re on the strip hearing these things comin, you can’t help but turn around and say wow,” commented Best in the Desert’s Race Director, Casey Folks.

This year, the parade doubled in car count and was led by 1973 Mint 400 Champion and famed American racer, Parnelli Jones. Mint 400 forefathers Mel Larson and KJ Howe joined Parnelli in the ReadyLIFT Ford Raptor that preceded the rest of the vehicles.

It’s an experience you have to witness to feel the power these vehicles have thrown in to an environment that they’re not made for. We were on the ground for the entire event and immediately when people heard the trucks rumbling from a distance the railings were full of people amazed by these machines. Sure, a Trick Truck cruising The Strip is a little out of context but to display these unique beasts to the average person in such an enormous manner is a huge feat.

“Off-road racing is the most exciting and thrilling motorsport on the planet,” said Joshua Martelli, COO and co-owner of The Mint 400. “In 2013 we made history by showcasing these amazing vehicles on the Strip for the people of Las Vegas, and we’re back again this year with twice the number of amazing hand build off road race machines. We are very grateful to the City of Las Vegas and everyone at 4 Wheel Parts for helping us make this happen!”

With that under their belt, The Mint 400 looks to carry the momentum in to the night with their official kick off party at Backstage Bar & Billiards on the corner of 6th and Fremont.

An entire days worth of activities are planned for tomorrow, so make sure you check out the “How to Spectate” article.

Photography by Vincent Knakal and Shilynn Milligan

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    MJ Speed
  • March 13, 2014
GOD I WISH I WAS THERE ! Sitting here on the east coast freezing and stuck in snow .