The new AGM Manual Jack


You’ve tightened up your game, improving the components on your car, tuning your shocks, getting seat time and making detailed course notes. But all those hard fought advantage go right out the window with one slow tire change and should your car fall off your Jack, well…forget about winning.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.
At just 10lbs and 24″ long the new Manual Jack is a compact, lightweight unit that locks onto your vehicle through the weld-on Jack points and lifts your car in seconds (2-3 to be exact). Not only is it faster than other Jacks on the market, but it’s near impossible for your car to fall off once engaged.
You’ve work too hard to let some other Jack ruin your race. Get Speed. Get Safety. Get your Manual Jack today!
Weight- 10lbs
Collapsed Body Length- 24″
Travel Length- 16″
Capacity- 2200lbs
Lift Options- Weld-on Jack points, Universal Hook or customize your own
Pad- 7″ dished pad design (reduces pad sink in sand)
Drive size- 3/4′ socket


A true multi-function trail tool, the Electric Jack can get you back on your wheels in just minutes. With the push of a switch, anyone can roll their car back on its wheels. And to prove it, we’re issuing a challenge.
All you have to do is roll your vehicle back on its wheels, with your AGM Electric Jack. Fastest time gets their AGM Electric Jack paid for by us!
That’s right! FREE money. Who wants an extra $1200 for the holidays. Submit your videos on or before December 15th to be eligible to win!
 -See website for details –