The Original Dusty Times Online

The Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame and Barbara Rainey have been scanning the original issues of Dusty Times to preserve and share them with the off road community.  The first year of Dusty Times issues 1-12 are online now with more to come! Click here to view the issues.

More info from the ORMHOF website:

The Dusty Times Collection at the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame is made possible by the financial support of our donors, partners and members.  Join, partner or donate today — Donate to ORMHOF here.

We’ve started digitizing the entire Dusty Times collection, spanning thirty years of off-road history, beginning at the beginning, with the 1983 Preview Issue. We’ll be working our way through the collection as funds allow, finishing up with the last print issue published in September of 2013.

As we complete issue, we’ll add it to our Dusty Times digital bookcase at the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.  Each issue is presented in a easy to navigate searchable format.   Zoom in to easily read text, and share your favorite issues on social media.

Businesses who sponsor a year of the digital Dusty TImes receive their logo and a link to their website on each digital issue.  Contact us for more information.

To view the issues we’ve digitized so far, click on the cover of the preview issue, below:

Thank you for sharing. ORMHOF is excited to get this project up and running. Credit for digitizing the first year goes to Mike McCluskey at DMC - Document and Microfilm Conversion. Racers Only put ORMHOF in touch with Mike, who is an off-road fan. He digitized the first year at no charge—that’s more than 500 pages. This is a time consuming process, as the original issues are large, and in most cases, have been folded. Mike has purchased new equipment for this project and is hiring a part time person to concentrate on getting the rest of the collection digitized, as soon as we raise the funds necessary to cover the costs. Use the links in the story for more information on how you can help. Thank you!