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The Patina C10 Shop Truck Turned Preunner

What do you do with an old rusty work truck that you retired from a family business? Some would send their truck to auction; some would sell it and buy a new one. Or if you are Chris List, you might see an opportunity to give the old truck a new life as a prerunner – and that’s exactly what he did while paying homage to the old rusty patina it once had.

This C10 Prerunner started its life out as a 1982 Chevy C10 2500 long-bed truck for Chris’s family business. It was complete with a ladder rack and a bench seat, nothing more than a company vehicle. Chris and his family were avid off road enthusiasts, and when it came time to retire the truck and sell it, they decided to give it a new chance on life. They sent it off BTF Fabrication in Upland, California, to begin what would start out as building a mild play truck which would turn into a six-year build of race capable 1450 truck.

Once BTF got the truck, they took immediate action by cutting off everything and leaving only the cab, doors, and 12 inches of the frame. Everything else was hand-built and fabricated by them. This truck would become one of their flagship projects as a one-off build while simultaneously manufacturing long travel kits for customers. The result of their project is absolutely incredible.

The C10 has a custom center mount integrated into the chassis, with the front A-arm suspension pulling 26 inches of front travel. While the back is a four-link pulling 28 inches of travel. Plenty of travel to go get yourself into a long day of fun out in the desert. King Race Series 3.0 coil-overs and bypass shocks to help soak up the bumps.  It is powered by a carbureted Chevy 400 small block mated to a Turbo 400 trans making 500hp sending the power out to a Camburg Engineering full float 9-inch rear end. With this drivetrain it really does give it the drivetrain of a race truck.

Chris wanted a truck that could go race if he ever decided to down the line, so while retaining full steel doors, the truck has a custom aluminum interior set up for racing. Race radios, aluminum dash, GPS, PRP Race Seats, and vice grips as window cranks are all a part of the incredible details of this truck.

When looking at this truck, there is a major detail that never goes unnoticed, and that is the patina. When it came down to finally painting or wrapping the truck, Chris wanted to do something different and pay homage to the old life the truck once lived as a shop truck and leave the patina. For obvious reasons, fiberglass doesn’t rust, so he had the original patina look airbrushed onto the rest of the truck. This detail has developed into its own design language throughout the truck as a raw and industrial look. It is a detail that reminds us of where this truck had started its life out as.

As we have reviewed many trucks here at Race-Dezert it is always refreshing to see incredible builds executed in a way that sparks creativity and innovation; that is exactly what BTF Fabrication did for Chris and his old shop truck. We know he isn’t racing it anytime soon, but he will be out in the desert enjoying it until then.

Chassis: BTF Fabrication built 1982 Chevy C10 2500
Weight: 5000lbs
Engine: Carbureted Chevy 400 small block
Cooling: Rear-mounted radiators and cooling fans
Exhaust: Black Widow
Transmission: Turbo 400
Tires: 40×13.5r17 Toyo
Wheels: Method Wheels
Front Suspension: BTF Fabrication Center-mount 26″
Rear Suspension: BTF Fabrication Triangulated 4-link 28″
Axle: Camburg full float 9-inch
Shocks: King Race Series 3.0 Coil-overs and Shocks
Lights: HID
Navigation: Lowrance GPS
Communication: PCI Race Radios
Seats: PRP Seats
Safety: BTF Custom Cage