The Rockstar Energy Battle South of the Border Round 12, presented by Lucas Oil, Keeps the Baja Fans Cheering -

The Rockstar Energy Battle South of the Border Round 12, presented by Lucas Oil, Keeps the Baja Fans Cheering

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The Rockstar Energy Battle South of the Border Round 12, presented by Lucas Oil, Keeps the Baja Fans Cheering

Estero Beach Resort, Ensenada, Mexico (August 2, 2015) – It was an even busier day at Baja International Short Course at Estero Beach, and the Baja fans were excited for more of the exhilarating racing they saw in Round 11. There were more firsts and some of the most exciting racing the Lucas Oil Short Course Series has seen all season. With standing room only, the Baja fans packed the stands cheering at every pass, and every dramatic contact. The Rockstar Energy Battle South of the Border, presented by Lucas Oil, was a dream realized and the fans from Baja were thrilled to have short course racing brought to them.

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Pro 2

The Pro 2 class kicked off the day with some of the most exciting and intense battles. The top qualifiers were familiar names, but with a 6-truck inversion. The fast qualifiers, Bryce Menzies and Brian Deegan, were put on the 3rd row. The inversion put Rob MacCachren and RJ Anderson on the front row with Robby Woods and Sheldon Creed behind them in row 2. In lap 1, RJ Anderson took the lead after the rhythm section and would have to fight to maintain top spot. Bryce Menzies was working his way through the field battling with drivers Robby Woods and Rob MacCachren and made it up to second place in lap 6 when a caution came out. Sheldon Creed had an incident in turn 1 and was unable to finish. After the restart for lap 8, Menzies spun going into turn 1 and Patrick Clark went off track in turn 4 making the top 3 the 37 of RJ Anderson, the 21 of Rob MacCachren, and the 99 of Robby Woods. In the last lap Rodrigo Ampudia was closing the gap on Robby Woods, who was having mechanical issues but was able to fend off a hard charging Ampudia for the final podium position. With the fans cheering wildly, RJ Anderson brought home his first Pro 2 win, with Rob MacCachren in second and Robby Woods getting his first podium finish of the season.

1.) RJ Anderson
2.) Rob MacCachren
3.) Robby Woods
Optima Batteries’ Fast lap: Bryce Menzies

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Pro Lite

After yesterday’s race the racers knew they needed to be on their A-game to make the podium. But even tough they still had the challenging rhythm section, the qualifying times today were notably faster than yesterday. A 2-truck inversion was pulled putting top qualifier, Jerett Brooks in the second starting position, and RJ Anderson on the pole. Casey Currie and Broc Dickerson, were in the second row, but hungry to get to the front. The green flag dropped and right away there was an incident with Brock Heger, but he was able to continue with no caution. Alan Ampudia bicycled in turn 4 of lap 2 making the crowd gasp, but held on and kept pushing forward. It was a battle between Brandon Arthur and Casey Currie for position 3 in laps 3, 4 and 5, but in lap 6 Arthur was able to over take Jerett Brooks for the second spot. The race continued without cautions, but the battles for 2nd, 3rd and 4th between Arthur, Currie and Brooks had the fans on their feet. At the end of lap 10, RJ Anderson brought home his second win of the day, with Brandon Arthur and Casey Currie finishing out the top 3.

1.) RJ Anderson
2.) Brandon Arthur
3.) Casey Casey
Optima Batteries’ Fast Lap: Casey Currie

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Pro Buggy

The Pro Buggy points championship has been a tight race and the leaders were pushing hard to get every point possible. Kevin McCullough put down the fastest qualifying time and pulled a 2-car inversion, keeping him on the front row with Darren Hardesty. But, behind them in row 2, however, was Garret George and Mike Valentine, the points leaders. Lap 1 got the fans on the edge of their seats when Sterling Cling and Taylor Atchison spun in turn 1 but they both were able to get back and continue on without a caution. Lap 4 Dave Mason nearly went over the edge in turn 4 but held on with a dramatic roost that got the fans cheering. The first and only yellow came out on lap 6 from an incident with Sterling Cling, and during the yellow Garrett George left the track, and was unable to finish. It was a battle for first as Darren Hardesty and Kevin McCullough went into turn 7 on lap 8, with McCullough taking the top spot. At the checkered flag, it was Kevin McCullough taking home the win, with Mike Valentine in second adding to his championship points, and 14-year-old Darren Hardesty in third to finish out the podium.

1.) Kevin McCullough
2.) Mike Valentine
3.) Darren Hardesty
Optima Batteries’ Fast Lap: Kevin McCullough

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Pro 4

The Pro 4 race was the highlight of the weekend. With the fans on their feet for the entire race, the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series exceeded expectations. Kyle Leduc, once again, held top qualifier position, but pulled a 6-turck inversion, meaning he would be starting in the third row next to the second fastest truck, Bryce Menzies. At the start of the race, Adrian Cenni and Carl Renezeder were on the first row with Rob MacCachren and Doug Fortin in row 2. And it was a wild start! Cenni lived up to his nickname The Wildman when he nearly brought out the first caution of the race on lap 1, but the rest of the field was able to avoid the incident, which kept his truck in the hunt. The Pro 4 trucks were racing each other hard and in lap 2 a caution came out for metal debris on track. This bunched the group back up and in lap 3 the hard side-by-side racing left debris on the track brining out another caution. By this time, Kyle Leduc had worked his way up to third, but still had to get past Brian Deegan and Carl Renezeder for the lead. It would prove to be another Leduc win when he was able to overtake first and then build up a sizable lead, coming across the finish line for his 10th victory of the season, with Rob MacCachren second and Bryce Menzies, coming back from his earlier incident, to take third.

1.) Kyle Leduc
2.) Rob MacCachren
3.) Bryce Menzies
Optima Batteries’ Fast Lap: Kyle Leduc

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About the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series:

The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series is the evolution of the long-standing support of short course racing by Forrest Lucas and Lucas Oil Products. Steeped in the Midwest tradition of short course off-road racing infused with a West Coast influence, Lucas Oil Off Road Racing brings intense four wheel door-to-door action to challenging, fan-friendly tracks. Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series: This is Short Course. For more information, please visit:

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