The SORRS Series Kicks Off With The Carrera Circuito Sonora 150

The new Sonora Off Road Racing Series was created by Osiris Argüelles and Esaú Rodríguez while on a trip to Hermosillo filming for a Baja 250 commercial. Esaú mentioned how he would love to bring a desert race to Sonora and Osiris thought it was a great idea.  They immediately started planning and promoted their first race at other events such as NORRA, Dos Mares, LOORRS Estero Beach and received a great response from the off road racing industry. Their first event named Carrera Circuito Sonora 150 was held July 12th-14th, 2019 in Santa Ana, Sonora Mexico.

The tech inspector is off road legend Federico Montes from Ensenada and the race was hosted by Kevin Johnson.  This first event was a 65 mile loop which is something new for mainland Mexico.  Their slogan was Sonora se viste de Baja, which translates to Sonora dressed like Baja.

Their first race had 25 entries including the Greer Bros Trophy Truck.  The race was such a success they decided to put on another race November 29th, the Polaris Sonora 300.  This will be the week after the Baja 1000 but will have no effect on their race because their racers do not enter SCORE events.  The race will start in Santa Ana and will end in Bahía de Kino giving the racers an ocean view finish.  There are currently three races planned for the 2020 season.


SORRS race organization:
José Jimenez
Osiris Argüelles
Esaú Rodríguez
Facebook: Sonora Off Road Racing Series

Race results – Cars

Open Class
Gleen Greer #36 4:17:17 1st Place and Overall

Class 10
David Sanchez #1098 4:21:19 1st place
Ernesto Cordova #1050 5:12:20 2nd place
Sergio Frias #1077 5:12:54 3rd place

Clase 12
Arquímides Encinas #1202  DNF 3 place

Clase 16
Héctor Ortega #1617 DNF 10:09 2nd place
Jesus E. Acedo #1697 DNF 10:10 3rd place

Clase 9
Gil Madero #917 2:21:02 DNF 3rd place

Clase 19
Luis mungarro #1900 DNF 3 place

Clase 7s
Leonel limon #718 5:11:07 1st place

Clase 8
Ángel Escarlante #802 DNF 2nd place
Héctor Ruiz #1444 DNF 3rd place

Clase 5 open
Carlos García #518 6:49:02 1st place

Clase 5 1/600
Fernando Almeida #571 5:22:51 1st place
Gerardo tirado #560 DNF 3 place

Race results – Motos

Clase M/C moto pro
Arturo Diaz/Mario Vzla. 18x 2:37:04 1st place & Overall
Daniel Parra/Raúl Ortega Jr. 2x 2:39:31 2nd place
Jorge Tamaura/Luis Gomez 300x 2:41:37 3rd place

Clase ATV pro
Sergio Marantes 89Q 2:49:57 1st place
Bram Hulshoff 85Q 3:01:46 2nd place
Felipe Olivares 48Q DNF 3 place