The Wildman Dominates Pro 4 In Crandon!

Crandon Labor Day started out like every day with the usual Downtown exhibition and parade to the nearby race track facilities. The weather was the unpredictable Wisconsin type that brought in plenty of rain in the morning but cleared up into a partially overcast afternoon.

Todays event was unique since Friday was a makeup round from the June/Sprint Crandon race that was rained out while Saturday and Sunday will be the regular scheduled rounds.


Caddell lead the entire race, CJ Greaves looked good until he blew up before the yellow flag and Brad Lovell finished 2nd while Casey Currie took 3 place.


  1. Andrew Caddell
  2. Brad Lovell
  3. Casey Currie


This was the more exciting race of the day despite the low entry of 9 competitors. Early on into the race Adrian ran away with the lead to never give it up again. The battle was between Greaves, Johnson and Douglas for 2nd and 3rd place. Jenkins got into each other a little bit sending Jenkins off track past the finish line.


  1. Adrian Cenni
  2. Johnny Greaves
  3. Ricky Johnson



Very soon after the green flag dropped a single file formed that didn’t change order much until the end. In fact the Jeff Kincaid the won the race with multiple car lengths behind him.


  1. Jeff Kincaid
  2. Chad Hord
  3. Bryce Menzies


If you are the blood thirsty type of fan that hopes for spectacular crashes then your meets where not met at todays racing in Crandon.