The Wins Keep Coming For Alumi Craft Racers –

The Wins Keep Coming For Alumi Craft Racers

Alumicraft 2015 LOORRS Round 6 PR

The Wins Keep Coming For Alumi Craft Racers


Lake Elsinore, CA / Caliente, NV

Alumi Craft racers continued the winning streak with Sterling Cling taking a victory in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series event in Lake Elsinore, California and Richard and Kelton Glaszcak taking the class 10 win and third place overall at the SNORE, Race Fuel 250 in Caliente Nevada. The wins were earned by a pair of young drivers who took full advantage of Alumi Craft’s championship winning performance and race proven design. When you purchase an Alumi Craft desert or short course car you get the accumulated research and development that has produced countless race wins and championships.

“I was supposed to drive and Kelton was going to co-drive,” said Richard Glaszcak, winner of the SNORE race in Caliente, “Soon after the start, I became ill in the car. Kelton, who is 16 years old, was going to co-drive but after I had to stop a couple times to get sick, I told him he would have to take the wheel. It was his first pro race; he only has a limited time behind the wheel. I was going to take over after I got some medicine but he was on pace so we let him do his thing. We were watching his pace and he was kicking butt so we left him in there. He not only took the lead but he was putting time on the field. If I hadn’t stopped to get sick, we might have taken the overall.”

Alumicraft 2015 SNORE Caliente PR
Keith Weibel was also competing in an Alumi Craft in Caliente but had a mechanical issue. His off the shelf alternator was not up to the task. He was towed out by recovery which caused him to miss a checkpoint. He finished 3rd but the penalty dropped him to 5th. “We changed the alternator but our spare went out too,” said Keith, “The course ran right behind the auto parts store in town so we pulled in and bought a new one. Once we got going again, we were at full speed. Without the 2 hour first lap, we definitely would have been in the hunt for the win. We are going to get a race alternator after this. It’s crazy that one of the few non-Alumi Craft parts gave us so much trouble. This is my second Alumi Craft, we’ve got 18 races on my other car without a single glitch; it’s been super solid. We will run it for three races before even changing a heim. I am just amazed at all the thought that has gone into it. I can strip the car down by myself in an hour. Most of the time used prepping the car is spent cleaning the parts. We’ll get the charging problem fixed and probably run the MORE Freedom 250 race before we race Vegas to Reno. 250 miles is just a tune up for my Alumi Craft.”

Keith Weibel, Alumi Craft Class 10, FOX, Caliente, Race Car, Off Road Racing, SNORE

At the same time that Kelton Glaszcak was dominating in Caliente, Sterling Cling was putting on his own show at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park in his Pro Buggy. Cling took 2nd in round 5 and backed it up with the victory in round 6 of the Lucas Oil Series. Cling also ran the fastest lap in both rounds. “We were the fastest all weekend,” said Cling, “We qualified 1st in round 5 but a 6 car inversion had us starting back in the 6th spot. The winner started first and had a clean run. We worked all the way up to second but just ran out of laps. On Sunday we qualified 3rd but the inversion put us on the front row. I jumped out to the lead on lap one and never looked back. Every time we put a gap on the field, the caution would come out. I was getting great starts so we just jumped back out in the lead. My Alumi Craft was flawless!”

Alumicraft 2015 SNORE Caliente PR1

Racers from all over prove the Alumi Craft advantage every weekend. The superior performance provided by their meticulously crafted cars gets results. Whether you are racing in the desert, prerunning or competing on the track, Alumi Craft is committed to providing you with a competitive, safe and reliable vehicle that exceeds your expectations.

If you demand the best, give Alumi Craft a call at 619-596-9841 or go to: to find out more about our race products and services.

Alumicraft 2015 LOORRS Round 6 PR1
About Alumi Craft
Alumi Craft is the premier racecar chassis manufacturer in the off road industry. Crafting cars from lengths of 4130 Chromoly tubing is our specialty. We offer a variety of vehicles to accommodate the professional off road racer to the recreational driver. Since 2004, Alumi Craft racers have earned countless wins and twenty-one points championships; eight in short course and thirteen in the desert. Rob MacCachren, Chuck Cheek, Cameron Steele, Luke McMillin, CJ Greaves, Matt Cullen, Darren Hardesty, Darryl Smith, Gunnar Peterson, Mike Porter, Mitchell Dejong, Roger Starkey and owner John Cooley have all won championships behind the wheel of an Alumi Craft race car.

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