TORC Finals:Cycle Ranch Day 2

The opening PRO 4×4 laps of the final round of the Traxxas TORC Series, presented by AMSOIL, was indicative of the entire season; tumultuous door-to-door racing action at a feverous pitch between the class’ chief combatants – Ricky Johnson (Red Bull/KMC Wheels/Mopar/Ram) and Johnny Greaves (Monster Energy/Toyota/Maxxis). Then you had the latter PRO 4×4 laps, which pretty much mimicked, at least in Greaves’ case, the dark rain clouds that dogged the series for much of the summer as Greaves broke and sat motionless on the side of the track as Johnson powered home to the victory and overall PRO 4×4 title at Texas’ Cycle Ranch MX Park. Taking top honors in the TORC PRO 2 class, with his second win of the season and second Oakley Bomb Award for the fastest lap was Bryce Menzies (Red Bull/KMC Wheels/Mopar/Ram), who also wrapped up the overall TORC PRO 2 championship on Saturday. And in Traxxas PRO Light racing there were actually two winners; RJ Anderson (Walker Evans/Ram) taking top honors in the TORC season’s final race in that class, and CJ Greaves (Monster Energy/Toyota/Maxxis) winning the inaugural 15K Traxxas PRO Light Cup the 2011 TORC Series’ final contest.



All sort of heck broke loose early in the TORC season’s final PRO 4×4 race. First off a false start added to the already crazy tension between Greaves and Johnson. Then came a scene where Greaves berzeked it off the Red Bull finish line jump, passing Johnson in the air and landing on the flats – well beyond the 150-foot base of the landing transition. With the crowd going absolutely bananas, Greaves then split Johnson and Scott Douglas (AMSOIL/BFG/MasterCraft Safety), only to get spun in a complete 360 – at about 80 mph – atop a table top jump in the middle of the track. And while this put the fans over the top, a short time later Greaves would leave the track with a broken front end. “The front differential locked up and the gear probably broke and just twisted it right off the chassis,” said Greaves, admitting the damage was already done to his truck prior to his spectacular mid-course 360. “I just went for it anyway. The truck swapped and I was grabbing gears, down-shifting while it was spinning.” While Greaves’ misfortune resonated throughout the crowd, Johnson didn’t waver in his methodical approach to taming the rugged, Truckcross-like track TORC officials built at Cycle Ranch MX. Johnson, who picked up two points on Greaves by leading at Sunday’s PRO 4×4 competition yellow, in essence won the title at the midway point of the race. “Thanks to my wife and family, and to Steve Menzies for believing in me,” said Johnson, holding back the tears on the TORC podium, while thanking a host of other sponsors including: Red Bull, Mopar, Ram, KMC Wheels and BFG. The rest of the final TORC PRO 4×4 podium would be made up of Mike Jenkins (Traxxas/Ford/BFG) in 2nd and Steve Barlow (Maxxis/Ebay Motors/Metal Mulisha) 3rd after Douglas gave up 2nd place by breaking with half a lap to go.


PRO 4×4 results

1st – Ricky Johnson*

2nd – Mike Jenkins

3rd – Steve Barlow

4th – Scott Douglas

5th – Mark Jenkins

6th – Adrian Cenni

7th – Johnny Greaves

*Oakley Bomb Award fastest TORC PRO 4×4 lap


TORC PRO 4×4 Final Overall

1st – Ricky Johnson, 288

2nd – Johnny Greaves, 273

3rd – Scott Douglas, 239

4th – Steve Barlow, 217

5th – Mark Jenkins, 214

6th – Mike Jenkins, 194

7th – Adrian Cenni, 188

8th – Milan Mazanec, 100

9th – Al Drews, 38

10th – Kyle Leduc, 34



With Menzies out front to open the final TORC PRO 2 race at Cycle Ranch MX, Mopar/Ram/Traxxas racer Rob MacCachren put on a huge rush in the race’s first half, moving all the way up from 8th to 3rd by the competition yellow. MacCachren the put a slick pass on Monster Energy/Toyota/Maxxis’ Marty Hart where MacCachren faked to the inside and then railed the outside of the final turn berm – coming out towing Hart into the finish line jump. With four laps to go Menzies had all but checked out with more than a five-second lead on his mentor, MacCachren. Hart was then caught by Chad Hord (BOSS Snowplows/Nissan/AMSOIL). But what looked to be a great late race battle for 3rd heading into the checkers ended up with Hart dead in the water and Hord cruising easily to the third TORC PRO 2 podium spot. “Can’t say enough about my sponsors and this team,” said Menzies. “Our third win in a row and we can’t get any better than that.” Noteworthy: Menzies was rocking some ‘out there-looking’ yellow wheels for the final race, to which he added: “A lot of people ragged on me for these wheels. But hey, they got me up here on top of the podium!”


TORC PRO 2 results

1st – Bryce Menzies*

2nd – Rob MacCachren

3rd – Chad Hord

4th – Jeff Kincaid

5th – Corey Sisler

6th – Marty Hart

7th – Greg Adler

8th – Mike Oberg

*Oakley Bomb Award fastest TORC PRO 2 lap


TORC PRO 2 Final Overall

1st – Bryce Menzies, 297

2nd – Jeff Kincaid, 240

3rd – Chad Hord, 232

4th – Rob MacCachren, 224

5th – Marty Hart, 195

6th – Mike Oberg, 190

7th – Scott Taylor, 160

8th – Mikey Vanden Heuvel, 156

9th – Keith Steele, 60

9th – Greg Adler, 60


Traxxas PRO Light

Coming off the top six inverted start formation (based on Saturday’s results), privateer Shawn Morris (Chevy/Maxxis) grabbed the early lead with a huge jump. But thing soon went south (and north, east and west) for Morris as the flipped radically in the middle right hander on the track, bringing out the full-course yellow. On the restart CJ Greaves blasted into the top position, followed by his Monster Energy teammate, Casey Currie (Nissan/General Tire) and Randy Eller (Ford/Maxxis). 2011 Traxxas PRO Light overall champ Andrew Caddell (Traxxas/Mopar/AMSOIL/BFG) then shot into the hot pits with a flat tire and soon after Eller had some mechanical troubles. This allowed Friday winner Anderson to catch CJ Greaves – and those two would go at it, hard, for the next several laps before Anderson took the lead for good. Currie would then catch CJ Greaves for 2nd, with Greaves holding on for a podium 3rd.


Traxxas PRO Light Results

1st – RJ Anderson*

2nd – Casey Currie

3rd – CJ Greaves

4th – Brad Lovell

5th – Luke Johnson

6th – Keegan Kincaid

7th – Todd Cunningham

8th – Randy Eller

9th – Samuel Hubinette

10th – Derry Peterson

*Traxxas Maxx Lap Award for fastest Traxxas PRO Light lap


TORC Traxxas PRO Light Final Overall


1st – Andrew Caddell, 249

2nd – RJ Anderson, 213

3rd – Casey Currie, 200

4th – Samuel Hubinette, 196

5th – Brad Lovell, 174

6th – CJ Greaves, 162

6th – Randy Eller, 162

8th – Todd Cunningham, 154

9th – Shawn Morris, 141

10th – Luke Johnson, 126


15K Traxxas PRO Light Cup

Traxxas’ Mike Jenkins dug into his pockets for the Traxxas PRO Light class, putting on one last cash prize race with a cool $15,000 on the line for the winner. Inverting Saturday’s top six in the starting order, Currie took the early lead and led much of the race – run without TORC’s customary mid-race mandatory caution. Up by more than five seconds at one point, a train of Traxxas PRO Light drivers including CJ Greaves, Anderson and Brad Lovell (AMSOIL/BFG/Torchmate) separated from the rest of the field in pursuit of leader Currie. As the three pursuers diced and traded spots, the also cut into Currie’s lead. Five seconds was cut to four, then three and two. CJ Greaves then broke free in the pursuit and caught Currie when the defending Traxxas PRO Light champ high sided in a turn, and blew up his rear tire. Anderson would put the hammer down chasing CJ Greaves, but would not be able to catch the 16-year-old as Greaves locked down his first Traxxas PRO Light class win of the season – and a check for 15K! Anderson would place 2nd and score a generous $3,000 check and Lovell would be awarded with $1,000 from Traxxas. “It’s amazing. Awesome feeling,” said CJ Greaves. “Our whole team ran great. Couldn’t do it without my family … just awesome to be up here.”

Words by Pat Schute

Photos by Vincent Knakal of Mad Media

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congrats ricky on the championship cusin and brother u guys put in some hard work and it all paid off!!!!!!!!! congrats to all menzies motorsports and redbull.... justin hightshoe