On Track Racing Team Premiers at 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers

CEDAR CITY, UT    FEBRUARY 1, 2011:  On Track Racing Team, composed of Dean Bulloch, Barry Beadle, Buzz Bronsema and Todd Stephensen will put four Ultra4 cars on the starting grid of the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers running BFGoodrich KRT Tires.  “We have pretty much been a team all along without saying anything,” said Barry Beadle.  “We are making it formal so we can show team support at all the Ultra4 Races this year.  Each member of the team brings a talent and success from 2010, which when put all together we have a greater chance to make a serious impact.”

On Track Racing Team is supported by BFGoodrich, the tire of choice for all four drivers.  “BFGoodrich is all we have ran and we really like them.  It is all I would ever want to run,” said Buzz Bronsema.  PSC Steering has also been a main partner in the team, “Tom and the whole group at PSC has been extremely helpful in getting us anything that we need,” said Todd Stephensen.  Other partners include Trail-Gear, WARN Winch, Mastercraft Safety, Winchline, and CTM Racing Products.

King of the Hammers will be the first official appearance for this team.  “Three of the four cars are tested and proven.  Our team is better prepared than any race that we have been to,” said Dean Bulloch.  “I am really jazzed to have great people and great supporters on the team.  Even if we don’t win, they will certainly know we are there!”    Barry Beadle #4452 will start in the second row, Todd Stephensen #4427 will start mid pack in the 47th PSC spot.  At the rear of the pack will be Dean Bulloch #4411 in 96th and Buzz Bronsema #4417 will start on the last row drawing the 99th starting position.  “I’m not too worried about it, we will just get really good at passing people,” said Buzz Bronsema.  Then added, “however, we did install a fresh air kit this year!

In addition to having four cars in Fridays race, they will also have an Artic Cat Prowler in the Pit Bull Tires UTV King of the Hammers race on Thursday.   In 2010 the same group, although not officially associated as a team, had 3 Ultra4 cars and the UTV racing in the King of the Hammers, and all 4 vehicles finished.

The On Track Racing Team will start the 2011 season with the Griffin King of the Hammers and then will complete the additional Ultra4 races including BITD Silver State 300, Rausch Creek, American Rocksports Challenge, Stampede and Glen Helen Grand Prix.  Team members may participate in additional series including, but not limited to, Extreme Desert Racing Series, MOROC Extreme Off Road Racing Series and W.E. Rock.

More Information: http://www.facebook.com/pages/On-Track-Racing/185871448111944

Sponsors – BFGoodrich Tires, PSC Motorsports, Trail-Gear, WARN Winches, Mastercraft Safety, Winchline, CTM Racing Products

On Track Racing Team
#4411 Dean Bulloch / Tom Allen
#4417 Buzz Bronsema / Shon Wilson
#4427 Todd Stepensen / Devin Jones
#4452 Barry Beadle / Kevin Barnes