TrailGlow renews sponsorship for Kaveman Motorsports

February 21, 2011, Barstow, Calif. – TrailGlow Lighting, a leader in electroluminescent lighting systems for the racing community, announced today that it is renewing its support for Kaveman Motorsports in 2011.

TrailGlow’s INERGY lighting systems greatly increase visibility during night races. In addition to number panels, the company produces custom illuminated decals, pit signs and illuminated pit crew, media and staff vests.

“We first connected with TrailGlow in 2009 when a friend told us about their lighting systems,” said team leader Matt Creveling. “Their light panels have greatly increased safety during pit stops and made it much easier for course workers and support staff to track us on the race track.”

Creveling got his first taste of racing in 2007, helping out a friend with a Class 9 campaigning the MORE series. He purchased his own Class 9 in 2008 and finished sixth in class for the season. For 2009 he moved up to fifth in class and 2010 took third in points. The team took first place at the first MORE race of the 2011 season.

“Matt and his team represent the best of grassroots racing and they just keep improving year after year,” said TrailGlow founder Paul Lukey. “I’m proud to support their race program.”

About TrailGlow Lighting
TrailGlow Lighting is a leader in electroluminescent lighting systems for the racing community. TrailGlow provides custom lighting systems, including INERGY number panels and decals that greatly increase visibility and safety during night racing. The company has its headquarters in Barstow, California. For more information, visit them online at or call 877-760-4569.