Travis Pastrana Reveals His XGames Rally Car!

How do you reveal Travis Pastrana’s new 2011 X Games rally car livery?  You tap the kings of viral video production, to spoof his boss Ken Block! Mad Media is the crew behind many of Blocks most viewed videos, including the Gymkhana series, and the wildly successful reveal of his 2011 Ford Fiesta RS WRC rally car. With that reveal clip in mind, Mad Media shot Travis and his new ride on location at Red Gum Creative Campus, and crafted the ultimate spoof video. The shoot called for casting three lovely “senior” ladies to poke fun at Ken’s “Monster Girls”. Block threw down the gauntlet last year when he teased Travis about racing NASCAR. In response Travis has now vowed to beat Ken at this years X Games. STAY TUNED! X Games rally is about to get HEATED!

Directed by The Martelli Brothers, Produced by Mad Media

You better believe it......
Now that is some funny s%#@!
That's too funny lmao
Can't wait to see block loose again when will he stop playing with media and start to learn real driving is about winning !!!
  • C
  • June 21, 2011
really Travis??? I have to admit its funny, but scary at the same time! Best of luck against Block =)
  • J
  • June 22, 2011
ASHRUTH! But then who's going to make sweet videos like that!?
  • M
  • June 23, 2011
I dont know Travis should've found some older women that Sandy ain't half bad for a granny lmao