Travis PeCoy Rebounds from Reno and “Rocks” Crandon International Raceway

Rounds 11 and 12 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series quickly blended itself into World Championship weekend at Crandon International Raceway. Although the results of the young Octane Junkie don’t bode as well as planned at the Wild West Motorsports Park, Travis PeCoy was able to redeem himself at “The Big House” in Crandon Wisconsin.


2014 LOORRS Round 11 & 12


Going into Rounds 11 & 12 of the LOORRS series, Travis PeCoy sat third in the Modified Kart Championship points standings aiming high for an overall points championship. PeCoy has had a successful year thus far leading the points championship for the majority of the 2014 season but due to some unfortunate luck he has been forced to claw his way back to the top the hard way. Travis has had an all-out attitude and is willing to take chances when needed in order to push the issue on and off the track.


2014 LOORRS Round 11 & 12

Qualifying in the top 5 for both rounds 11 &12, Travis has consistently pressured the top contenders throughout the 2014 season precisely positioning the FMF Octane Junkies Modified Kart #573 right in the thick of a Modified Kart Championship.

2014 LOORRS Round 11 & 12


“To be honest, im disappointed”, mentioned PeCoy. “This isn’t where we want to be but Reno was brutal and I have to stay focused and not let this shake me up because Crandon is in just a couple of days”.


Travis PeCoy went on to finish Rounds 11 & 12 with two top ten finishes holding on tight to that third place position in the overall Modified Kart point standings.


Immediately following Rounds 11 & 12 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, Travis PeCoy and the Travis PeCoy Racing crew packed up the hauler and headed to the mid-west on a 2,000 mile road trip to a little town called Crandon embedded in the heart of Wisconsin. Crandon is notorious for it’s “land rush” start and high-speed mile and a half long course filled with upwards of 30,000 fans. 2014 marks the second year of a Modified Kart World Championship in it’s 45 year existence. Traditionally, in order to qualify for the World Championship race you must race Friday’s race leading up to the weekend to ensure your spot in the World Championship.




As planned Travis PeCoy climbed into the #573 FMF Octane Junkies backed Modified Kart Friday afternoon and would soon take his first official “land rush” start through the iconic turn one at Crandon International Raceway. Fresh out of the gate Travis got off to an amazing start quickly positioning himself comfortably in second place. Before long, PeCoy made a move for the first place position pushing the #573 to the limit. Able to overtake the lead, Travis PeCoy began to find his groove and settle in at the front of the field. Unexpectedly right before the mandatory caution a large rock the size of two human fists came barreling though the cab of the #573 knocking Travis square in the helmet. Dazed and unaware of what just happened, Travis lost all perception of where he was or what he was doing. Luckily for PeCoy driving a car isn’t foreign, Travis was able to systematically drive the #573 for the remainder of the race and land himself a second place finish.




After a quick trip to the local hospital, Travis PeCoy was released with a clean bill of health and was cleared to race in the World Championship race.

“I don’t remember anything about the race really. Still not sure how I pulled it off but we made it happen”, commented PeCoy.

The Modified Kart World Championship was among us and the young Octane Junkie Travis PeCoy was out to get what he came for; a World Championship. The green flag dropped and the #573 was full throttle into turn one, not one thought of lifting crossed PeCoy’s mind as he was set on being the first person through the infamous turn one. 30,000+ fans cheered on the Modified Karts as they made their way through turn one only to see the Octane Junkie himself leading the entire field. With speeds reaching nearly 90mph this was by far the fastest the #573 had ever gone before on any circuit.


Travis PeCoy would go on to lead the entire World Championship race from green to checkered flag crowning him your 2014 Modified Kart World Champion.


14torc_crandonfall_pecoy_031 14torc_crandonfall_pecoy_022


PeCoy commented, “This is a huge moment in my career… im absolutely humbled. My family, my crew, my sponsors and my head mechanic Ricky have worked so hard it feels amazing to be able to come to Crandon for my first time and accomplish a goal like this. You can bet that I’ll be back next year to defend my World Championship title and I plan on coming back to Crandon for a long long time. This is truly amazing.”




Travis PeCoy and the entire FMF Octane Junkies Modified Kart team will make their way to sunny Las Vegas Nevada where he will take on Rounds 13 & 14 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series under the lights at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on September 19th and 20th.




Travis PeCoy would like to thank all of the loyal partners that chose to support the Travis PeCoy Racing Modified Kart #573 – FMF/Octane Junkies, Action Sports Canopies, Oakley, CMI Precision, ThyssenKrupp Materials, PurOl, Ello Gum and Troy Lee Designs.


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Photo credit:  Bink Design


About Travis PeCoy:

13 year old Travis PeCoy has been around racing since his early diaper days. Father Bobby PeCoy is an experienced Pro Buggy driver with a strong history of placings in the old CORR and the current LOORRS racing divisions. Travis gained interest early on and jumped in eagerly to the Junior Kart division. After some years of on-track education, young PeCoy found his way to the podium and eventually winning races. After a stellar 2012 Junior Kart season, PeCoy-Racing decided it was time to move up to the even more competitive Modified Kart class. With a bright season ahead of him, and some fast lap times to boot, Travis has full focus on his new race truck, which seems to get faster every race.

Each race is a complete family experience with Dad Bobby calling the shots, Mom Tina handling operations & hospitality, Big Rick keeping the truck dialed in and a whole host of friends and family coming together for support.

2013 has seen early success with Travis back on top of that familiar podium position, as well as appearances in some new avenues including the Robby Gordon Stadium Super Truck series. Oakley has chosen Travis to be one of a limited number of supported drivers in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, along with FMF Racing promoting Travis as a featured young upstart in their new “Octane Junkies” collection.

When Travis is not burning laps, he’s splitting time between football, lacrosse, hanging out with a great group of friends and capturing all forms of racing action through the lens of his own camera.