TRICK Racing Gasoline Returns To Baja -

TRICK Racing Gasoline Returns To Baja

San Diego, CA   March 28, 2018

ASB Performance Products is proud to announce that they now offer TRICK Racing Gasoline to Baja racers.  TRICK Racing Gasoline 110 leaded will be available to all participants of CODE, NORRA, RECORD, SCORE and other Baja racing events throughout 2018.

“TRICK has really stepped up support Baja racers” said Bill Rodriguez, Principal Owner of ASB Performance Products, Distributor of Sunoco Race Fuels and TRICK Racing Gasoline.  “They are offering their fuel to us with aggressive discounts so that we may price the fuel to racers at a reasonable price even after we pay Mexican import duties.”

TRICK Racing Gasoline is manufactured by Sunoco Race Fuel in Marcus Hook, PA.   TRICK has a rich history of championship racing dating back to 1979.  TRICK Racing Gasoline has fueled overall winners and class champions in all forms of off road racing.  TRICK 110 has a motor octane of 106 and should take care of compression ratios up to 13.5:1.

ASB Performance Products will also continue to market the complete line of Sunoco Race Fuels to off road racers.  Racers are urged to pre order the fuel that they may need with ASB Performance Products so as to guarantee their fuel will be at the event for them.

For more information contact:  ASB Performance Products (619) 247-1797, E mail: [email protected]

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