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TROPHYLITE Teams set to do battle at the final round of the 2010 General Tire TROPHYLITE Race Series

The Best in the Desert Race Series hosts the 2010 General Tire TROPHYLITE™ Series at the Parker Blue Water Desert Challenge in Parker Arizona

CHANDLER, AZ – October 13, 2010- TROPHYLITE™ teams have been battling all season for the coveted championship of the 2010 General Tire TROPHYLITE Race Series. Several close races and some upsets have left the points battle close but with Gary Messer leading the parade. With big prize money up for grabs at the 2 day event the stage is set for some excitement. With this, the last race of the season, some teams have everything to lose and some have nothing to lose. That combination should make for some very heated battles in the desert of Parker Arizona.

TROPHYLITE purse money for this event nears $12,000.00 up for grabs by TROPHYLITE teams making this one of the richest classes in all of off-road racing. The 2010 General Tire TROPHYLITE season champions are also racing to win their share of the $17,500.00 end of year prize money. A win in Parker for Gary Messer would guarantee a championship for his team and he would take home about $16,000.00 for this event and the championship prize money.

“Off-Road racing is a passion for all involved for sure. We do it because we love it. But with that said the TROPHYLITE purse money is huge for the teams. I am very proud that we have the support of our great sponsors that make this all work. I really belive in the TROPHYLITE program and think you will be happy to see what we have in store for everyone in the years to come. We have been working on the all new TROPHYLITE R-8 truck which will be a spec class bigger V-8 powered truck. This new truck will be awesome with 22″ of front wheel travel and 32″ of rear wheel travel and about 500 Horsepower. Racing these new R-8 trucks will bring a whole new level to the TROPHYLITE program for the teams that step up into the new class. Look for the first truck to be done by the end of this year.” said Greg Foutz, President of TROPHYLITE

Look for the new 2Xl TROPHYLITE Rally video game by 2XL in the I-Tunes store. It is available on I-Tunes for your I-Phone, I-Pod Touch, and all new I-Pad devices and will feature the BLACKbox Interactive real rewards system for game players to receive real life rewards.

TROPHYLITE is a spec off-road race truck that has its own General Tire TROPHYLITE race series for the off-road community. The TROPHYLITE trucks are spec trucks which means that all of the trucks must use the same parts and are heavily regulated to keep the costs in line. TROPHYLITE has been building and running the race series now for about 3 years and just crowned their most recent series champion Louis Chamberland. For more on TROPHYLITE please visit

2XL Games is a phoenix based game company who recently released the I-tunes hit game 2XL Super Cross in 2009. The brain trust at 2XL has been responsible for other big games in the off-road genre like Motocross madness, Baja Edge of Control, and ATV off-road fury. For more on 2XL please visit

BLACKbox is a leader in video game advertising and creative media placement. The BLACKbox SDK can be embedded into games of all types and styles to help promote products and services from preference based targeted campaigns without the aggravating advertisement that interrupts the game play. The BLACKbox system is the only system that can provide the preference based real rewards 1:1 connection from the client to the retail sales. For more please visit and for Real Rewards visit

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We set our sites on round 5 of the 2010 General Tire TROPHYLITE Race Series at the Best in the Desert Parker Bluewater Desert Challenge this weekend October 15-17th
2010 General Tire TROPHYLITE Race Series
Round #1
BITD Blue Water Resort and Casino Parker 425
Feb 4-7th – Parker Arizona

Round #2
SNORE General Tire Mint 400
March 25-28th – Las Vegas Nevada

Round #3
BITD Bilek Racing Silver State 300
April 23-25th – TBD

Round #4
SNORE KC HiLITES Midnight Special
July 29 – 31st – Ridgecrest California

Round #5
BITD Blue Water Desert Challenge
October 15-17th – Parker Arizona

TROPHYLITE is an affordable spec racing concept focused on providing the average off-road enthusiast the chance to step from the sidelines into the driver’s seat of state of the art, purpose built, off-road race trucks. Whether you want to run desert races or short course, TROPHYLITE offers not only a very affordable high performance spec race truck, but also the chance to compete in the 2010 General Tire TROPHYLITE Series where TROPHYLITE drivers will be able to race against other TROPHYLITE drivers for prize money and points towards a year end championship. Through TROPHYLITE and its generous supporters, there is no question that the next big thing in off-road has arrived. Get off the sidelines and turn your dreams into dust!

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