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TSCO Racing T-3 Trophy Truck

The TSCO name has a long history in offroad racing starting with Dick Weyhrich followed by brothers Mark and Gary who have both been racing for many years. Running Class 1 for many years and transitioning into a two team Trophy Truck program the last few years the brothers have more miles down in Baja then most most could imagine. With their family business, Tube Specialties Company, growing more and more each year the brothers made a decision to step back a little from the racing side to focus on that, but they didn’t want to step away from racing all together.

Thats where John Vance comes in. Long time Crew Chief and General Manager at TSCO Racing, the decision was made to turn the operation from a sole race team into more of a Fabrication / Vehicle Prep / Logistics / Support Operation. Whether its an arrive and drive program you’re looking for, or someone to prep your vehicle, or you want a truck built, TSCO Racing is ready and capable in their massive 16,000 square foot facility.

When it was time for Corey Keysar to have a new Trophy Truck built he left that in the hands of TSCO Racing. Dubbed “T-3” for the third Trophy Truck build for the company, Keysars truck is a beautiful work of art that from the outside can look like any other race truck, but with a closer look one can see the mount of detail and thought put into the build. Every panel is designed for easy removal, parts were put in place to be easily worked on out in the field, and everything has a place with nothing wasted and everything a purpose.

Scroll down for the complete specs and photos of this masterpiece!

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Chassis: TSCO Racing chassis CAD Designed & Engineered by John Vance.
Weight: Anywhere from 1000 – 5999 pounds race ready
Wheelbase: 125”
Engine: Dougans Racing Engines 474ci spread bore
Cooling: C&R
Exhaust: TSCO Custom stainless headers & exhaust
Plumbing: Brown & Miller
Transmission: Rancho DriveTrain Engineering Turbo 400 with TSCO Racing quick change mounting and disconnect system which allows for a less than 30 min change in the field.
Underdrive: TSCO Racing Underdrive
Driveline: Gearworks 10” with Gun Drilled 36 spline axles
Brakes: Brembo Six Piston
Fuel Cell: TSCO Racing Ultralight Carbon Fiber Composite, 110 gallon-usable
Tires: BFG 40” KR3’s
Wheels: Method 17” Beadlocks
Paint/Graphics: Lil Micheal Customs
Body: TSCO Racing Ultralight Carbon Fiber Composite
Front Suspension: 24” Travel with TSCO specified, heat treated, and post machined A-arms, uprights, and bulkhead
Rear Suspension: 35” Travel, heat treated and post machined trailing arms
Rear Housing: TSCO specified heat treated and post machined ID Designs housing
Shocks: 4.4 Bypass, 3.0 Coilover Fox Racing Shocks with Eibach springs
Suspension Tuning: Suspension Development Group
Steering: Howe steering box
Paneling: TSCO Racing Ultralight Carbon Fiber Composite
Skid Plates: TSCO Racing Ultralight Carbon Fiber Composite
Electronics: Motec Dashes, PDM’s, & Keypads
Wiring: James Lin Motorsports
Lights: Baja Designs. Engine, cab, and undercarriage work lights
Navigation: Lowrance
Communication: PCI Race Radios
Seats: Impact by Mastercraft Ultralight Carbon Fiber Seats
Safety: Impact 5-Point Harness with Mastercraft Safety nets and tool bags. Onboard fire suppression system.

Additional Features:
Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Howe hydraulic telescoping jack system
Driver body temperature cooling system,
Power actuated sliding seats
Steering wheel controlled top and bottom actuated light bars
2nd Alt mounted on Transmission
Dual starters
Dual sensor and computer onboard backup system.
M-Sat military radio communication
286 Dzus Fastners used

very nice, what is that part that is located in the rear center back of truck. It looks look a part of a jack system for ??
I think I figured it out, Its the jacking pump for side jack. Like the removable limit straps to hold the suspension up for tire change.
    • K
    • January 30, 2018
    Yes, correct. that is exactly what it is. in addition to a tire change it can also be used to leverage the truck out of a wedge...if stuck in soft sand or mud using both stands or just one the jacking system can be used to push itself out of a jam. HOWE made the one in this truck. There are 1 or 2 other US based companies we know of that make a similar system.